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2017 Reading List

History & Politics
There is Power in a Union: The Epic Story of Labor in America (1/31–2/20)
A Short History of the World (4/1–4/15)

Dramas & Plays
Twelfth Night (1/10–1/13)
The Way of All Flesh
She Stoops to Conquer

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Part #1 & #2 (1/13–15)
The Game of Thrones (2/28–3/26)
A Clash of Kings (5/24–6/18)
Dragon Teeth (6/18-6/23)
A Song of Swords (6/25-??)

Classical & AP Approved
The Joy Luck Club (12/29/16–1/3)
The Iron Heel (3/26–4/22)
The Handmaid’s Tale (5/25–6/6)
The Deerslayer

Educational Methods
Web 2.0: How–to for Educators (1/27–31)
Flipping 2.0 (2/20–2/25)
Teach Online: $50,000+ in my first year and more (4/1)

Public Policy
The Other America (1/21–1/27)
Opposing Viewpoints: Welfare (2/25–2/27)

Financial Literacy
Economic Literacy: A Comprehensive Guide to Economic Issues from Foreign Trade to Health Care (1/3 –1/9)
Economic Principles: Masters and Mavericks of Modern Economics (2/27–stopped reading)
Economics Through Everyday Life: From China and Chili Dogs to Marx and Marijuana (3/26/-4/1)

Biblical Reading (including nightly Devotions & Bible Studies)
Culture of Honor (10/29; 1/16)
Mere Christianity  (4/23–5/25)

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