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2013 Reading List

Here is the list of books I read (at least partly) during the listed year.  I categorized the books I read according to my reading rotation.  The dates listed for each title describes the approximate time of the year when I read the book.  Those books in Italicized type list books that belong as part of my personal or family library in physical or digital format.

AP / Classic Literature
To Kill a Mocking Bird (12/30–1/14)
The Odyssey (6/2 – 6/18)
On Heroes, Hero Worship, and the Heroic in History (8/19–12/20)

U.S. History / Government / Politics
Since Yesterday (8/19–9/15)
The Art of the Political Campaign (12/20)

Entertainment or Outside Rotation
Waiting for the Galactic Bus (1/27–2/9)
The Eye of Moloch (7/1–7/6)
Bringing up Girls (6/18–6/30)
I Hope they Serve Beer in Hell (??/??–7/10)
Contact (7/10–7/29)

Financial Literacy
The Total Money Make Over (2/10–2/21)
The ABC’s of Getting Out of Debt – excerpts (12/22)

Educational Methods
Never Work Harder than Your Students (2/22–3/7)
Teaching What Really Happened (1/14–1/27)
Not in My Classroom (7/6–7/12)
Discipline Survival Guide for the Secondary Teacher (7/12 –7/18)

Public Policy (Welfare / Poverty)
Welfare: The Political Economy of Welfare Reform in the United States (7/30–8/18)
We the Poor People: Work, Poverty, and Welfare (12/23–1/16/2013)

King Lear (5/9–5/20)

Religious / Biblical
Law & Gospel (3/8–5/8)

School Related
PADM530 – Public Policy
“Public Policy: Politics, Analysis and Alternatives” by Kraft & Furlong

PADM611 – Public Policy & the Law
“Public Law and Public Administration” by Copper

POLS650 — American Federalism
“Federalism: A Normative Theory and it Practical Relevance” by Scott
“Our Divided Political Heart” by E. J. Dionne Jr.
“The U.S. Supreme Court and New Federalism” by Banks & Blakemann

2013 James Madison Summer Institute
“The American Revolution: A History” by Wood
“The Constitutional Convention and the Formation of the Union” edited Solberg
“Settlements to Society 1607–1763” edited by Jack P. Greene
“Colonies to Nation 1763–1789” edited by Jack P. Greene
“The Federalists Papers” edited by Carey & McClelland
“The Anti–Federalists Papers” edited by Herbert J. Strong

POLS511 – Political Parties & Interest Groups
“Parties & Elections in America: The Electoral Process” by Maisel & Brewer
“Choices & Changes: Interest Groups in the Electoral Process” by Michael M Franz

POLS640 – The Judicial Branch, Policy and Politics
“Law & Justice: An Introduction to the American Legal System” by Howard Abadinsky
“Storm Center: The Supreme Court in American Politics” by David M. O’Brien


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