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The Reading List

Welcome to the Government Teacher’s Reading List!  This page includes recent books that I have read recently and may be a part of my library.  Book titles typed in italic print are book included my personal library in either print or digital formats.  I generally follow a rotation for the different types of books that I will read.  I describe the different categories of books, my reading rotation, below.  Occasionally I add more categories to the rotation.

  1. U.S. History / Government / Politics:  These are books directly related to my job as a government/history teacher.  The focus on eras of U.S. history, current events or governmental issues and policies.  This could eventually include books related to the topic of education and teaching.  This because purely books on U.S. history, government and politics in 2013.
  2. Personal Entertainment:  These are the books that I read for fun or my edification.  I do all my reading for fun because I like it, but these are the books that have no lasting value to me as a teacher.
  3. Financial Literacy:  These are the books that I read to become a better investor and steward of my wealth and resources.  I am a big fan of the “Rich Dad” books and other financial authors.  I added this category of book in the summer of 2011.
  4. AP / Classic Literature:  These are books are older or modern classics that have significant value to our society.  I draw my books from a list given to me by the teacher of my 12th grade AP Literature and Composition class, Mr. Dave Elliott. I added this category of book in the rotation in the summer of 2011.
  5. Plays:  After realizing that a lot of classics are plays and that I don’t nearly read enough plays I decided to add this genre.  These can include plays of a modern or ancient origin or authorship.  I added this type of book into the rotation in the Fall of 2011.
  6. Public Policy (Welfare / Poverty):  This did not enter the rotation as its own group until 2013, but it was something that I included in my educational group as far back as 2012.  A few years ago I decided I wanted to become an expert in a specific area of public policy.  I choose welfare and welfare reform.  In early 2014 that topic expanded to include poverty too.
  7. Religious / Biblical:  I do not read nearly enough of my Bible or other texts that feed my Christian faith.  This can include specific books of the Bible, Christian living, doctrine, etc.  I added this category into the rotation in 2013.
  8. Educational Methods:  As a teacher, I felt it was important to always be reading some text that makes me better as a teacher in some way, shape or form.  This can include books about how to teach specific content, skills or classroom management.  I added this category in 2013.

The links below are to the books I have read in past years.



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