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About the Government Teacher

My name is Adam J. Bulava. I teach social studies courses at the Lutheran High School in Springfield, Illinois.

Previously I taught for the Clark County School District in Southern Nevada.  For five years I taught at Canyon Springs High School, which included the Law and Leadership Preparatory Academy, the school’s magnet program.  While there I taught primarily U.S. Government (both standard and honors classes) to high school seniors, but have also taught many other classes in my career.  While at Canyon Springs I also taught U.S. History, Street Law, and American Politics.  I also help my department chair in preparing our “We the People…” team for the district and sometimes states competitions during the fall and winter months.  In the Spring of 2011, the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation selected me as the Nevada scholarship recipient and a Senior Fellow of the Foundation.

I consider myself an independent conservative with libertarian leanings and a supporter of the modern Tea Party Movement.  I have registered as a member of the Republican Party, but that is only so that I can vote in primary elections.  I listen to talk radio as much as I can.  My favorites being Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Michael Medved, Tammy Bruce, Jerry Doyle and local host, Heidi Harris.

I am an avid reader.  I read anything related to government, politics, current events, American History (especially about the Founding Era), science fiction and suspense novels.  My favorite fiction author is Michael Crichton. If you want to know more about my reading habits look at the “The Reading List” pages.

I also like to play video games. but I do not own any of the modern systems.  Most of my gaming takes place on my home computer on STEAM.  I do own some of the “old school” systems.  The oldest being the Super Nintendo.

My Complete Teaching Resume


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