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My name is Adam J. Bulava. I teach social studies courses at the Lutheran School Association High School in Decatur, Illinois.  I teach sections of 10TH grade Modern World History, and 9TH grade World Geography, and Civics.  I hope to return to a full-time government coursework in the near future.

Previously I taught for the Clark County School District in Southern Nevada.  For five years I taught at Canyon Springs High School, which included the Law and Leadership Preparatory Academy, the school’s magnet program.  While there I taught primarily U.S. Government (both standard and honors classes) to high school seniors, but have also taught many other classes in my career.  While at Canyon Springs I also taught U.S. History, Street Law and American Politics.  I also help my department chair in preparing our “We the People…” team for district and sometimes states competitions during the fall and winter months.  In the Spring of 2011, the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation selected me as the Nevada scholarship recipient and a Senior Fellow of the foundation.

I consider myself an independent conservative with libertarian leanings and a supporter of the modern Tea Party Movement.  I have registered as a member of the Republican Party, but that is only so that I can vote in primary elections.  I listen to talk radio as much as I can.  My favorites being Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Michael Medved, Tammy Bruce, Jerry Doyle and local host, Heidi Harris.

I am an avid reader.  I read anything related to government, politics, current events, American History (especially about the Founding Era), science fiction and suspense novels.  My favorite fiction author is Michael Crichton.

I also like to play video games but I do not own any of the modern systems.  Most of my gaming takes place on my home computer.  I do own some of the “old school” systems.  The oldest being the Super Nintendo.

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A Message for the LSA Class of 2017 and Community

This is a letter I drafted to send out to the families of the Lutheran School Association this week. It has not been sent through formal channels, but I thought it was important to put out now.

Dear Students, Parents, Supporters, and the Community of the Lutheran School Association,
It is with great sadness that I must inform this great Christian community that I will not be returning as a teacher to the Lutheran School Association in the 2017-2018 school year. On Friday, May 5, I was informed that due to low enrollment numbers for the next school year the Board of Education was releasing me as a measure of a reduction in force.
I apologize for keeping this information from all of you for the last few weeks. With the timing of my release, I thought it in the best interest of the school, the students, and the graduating seniors to keep this information quiet. I did not want to draw the focus away from finals or graduation.
On a positive note, I have been pursuing an opportunity outside of Decatur, and I am able to announce my family’s direction today. As of Monday, May 22, I was extended a Call to serve as a social studies teacher at Lutheran High School (LuHi) in Springfield, Illinois. I can now see that God was preparing me for another ministry long before I knew I needed it.
To this community I would like to say “Thank you” and “God bless!” Thank you for the last five years of ministry. Thank you for allowing me to teach, interact and be a part of your children’s and your lives. I wish this ministry and school the best and pray that God will bless the LSA for His will and His Gospel to continue to be spread throughout all the earth. I am sure I will see you around in the coming months and years since I will hopefully be down the road in Springfield.
If anyone wishes to contact me they can do so in several ways. I am on Facebook (though I don’t check it as much lately), so you can friend me or message me through that platform. I will be at school over the next few days until May 31, attending professional development training and cleaning out my classroom, so feel free to stop by. For those who wish to email me feel free. If we happen to see each other in the world in the near or far future, feel free to come up, and say “Hi.”
Thank you again and have a wonderful day.
Faithful to the Gospelf of Christ Jesus,
Adam J. Bulava
 The video below is a message I recorded with Jon Newlin for the LSA class of 2017. Due to not being chosen to speak at graduation, I choose to film what I would say because I wanted to say one more thing to this class. I hope you enjoy and learn something from it for your own life.

Thanks for your time and have a nice day.

 Questions? Comments? Concerns? Class dismissed!
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