Since Hillary Clinton just announced that she is running for the office of President of the United States, the titled question is definitely one that bears being answered.

To clear up some historical facts, former Senator and Secretary Clinton is not actually the first woman to run for President.  Technically Victoria Woodhull ran for President in 1872 as part ticket of the Equal Rights Party (Trotman 118-119).  Frederick Douglas was the Vice-Presidential candidate, but they did not seek his approval.  So sorry Hilary this happened over a century before your historic run in 2016.  But none of this answers the question.  Is it time for the United States to choose a woman President?

Yes, women have been vital to this nation since our beginnings.  Their role in many stages of U.S. History from the colonial era to 2015 cannot be disputed.  In the words of Abigail Adams to her husband as he served as a delegate to the Second Continental Congress, we must “remember the women.”  Women served as examples and teachers of republican virtue long before many of them could vote.  They also stood up for many causes advancing the ideas of liberty and freedom long before they had equal liberty as their male counterparts.  They practiced the rights available to them fully even if they did not have all of them.  The role of American women in our history answers an unequivocal YES!  It is long past time for the United States to elect a woman to the office of President of the United States. Unfortunately the second part of this essay will be more politically biased than the first.

While I believe it is time for the United States to have a President, I do not agree that it is Hillary Clinton.  Events in the last several years, even the last few weeks, have shown she is not a person worthy of the office. Now given of the history of men who have served as President, the previous argument could be considered moot. There are many men who had done worse things than Hilary before they became President, but this is not an article comparing her works to theirs.  Let us judge her on her works alone.

In the last several weeks it came out that Hilary Clinton, while Secretary of State did not follow the law or federal regulations about the storage of her emails.  She stored them on a private server at her home. This violated federal law and State Department regulations.  She did release some of the emails on that server to the State Department, but the emails she released was done according to her own judgement not anybody elses.  We don’t know what else could be in the emails on the server because she won’t release.  This flagrant violation of the law and her refusal to give her server to the State Department or Congress for their review of any other vital emails related to her time as Secretary of State shows that she thinks herself above the law.  Is this a characteristic we want of a person whose job it is to enforce the laws of the land?

Now to clear something up because I know someone on the other side will say it.  I DO NOT think Sarah Palin is the woman to be elected President.  I think there are better candidates on both sides of the aisle that would be better choices of President than Palin or Clinton.  Honestly, while I may disagree with Senator Elizabeth Warren on her policies, her staunch stance about not running for President makes her more attractive in my mind.  The fact that she is not seeking power when she could make a good run at grabbing it.  This is a characteristic that is to be highly praise in our system, much like how George Washington did not actively seek power, but took it up when required and requested by those above him (Keep in mind my conservative friends, I am only comparing Washington to Warren in this one aspect of not seeking power .  So do not put words into my mouth about me saying they are the same person).

I don’t know if the first woman to be elected President has made themselves known yet.  I do believe it is time.  I believe that the first woman President is closer and further away than political pundit may think. I believe we will see the first woman President within a generation.  Who it is I am not sure, but I hope it is not Hilary Clinton.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?  Class dismissed!

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