Are the End Times Upon Us? Author Says ‘Unrestrained Immorality’ Mirrors ‘Pandemic Godlessness’ Seen in the Bible

The article linked above provides a brief review Christian Author Jeff Kinney book about the end of times prophecies made in the Bible, specifically within Saint John’s Revelation.  You can read the article for yourself, but I just wanted to call attention to one quote within the article and book.  The article and the author of the book state “that Christians shouldn’t be surprised when their faith, ideas and lifestyles aren’t as accepted as they once were. But he also believes in the importance of spreading the faith before the end times unfold.”  This was the message given to me by one of my theology professors in college.  The book of Revelation is not about the signs of the end times, predicting when it will occur, pinpointing the anti-Christ, or a road map to the end of the world.  The story of Revelation is John speaking to the persecuted Christians at the end of the first century AD.  Christians were sitting on the roof tops waiting for Christ to return, instead of fulfilling the great commission.  The story of Revelation is that regardless of our persecution, we will win.  Heck, we have already won.  So get off the rooftops and start preaching the gospel and you will be awarded a crown of life.

That is why I am not overly concerned about the persecution of the Christian church today or in the future.  I know we will be persecuted against and it’s expected at every time and in the end times.  All we have to do is preach the gospel and give an answer when asked.  The Spirit will fill us with the words we need and we are guaranteed salvation not through our works but the works of Christ.  So get off your butts and preach the Gospel.  Amen!

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