Dear readers, I am writing you today to tell you that for the next 41 days (ending on Saturday, April 26) I am running a funding campaign on the Kickstarter website.  What am I trying to fund?  This campaign is all about getting funds to pay for professional editing services for the science fiction novel I have worked on since the middle of 2012.  I am trying to raise $2,500 to pay for such services and the backer rewards.

Most of you know that I have been busy writing a science fiction novel over the last two years.  I had one draft finished at the end of the last school year.  At that point, I sent it out to friends and colleagues who said they would be interested in reading the manuscript and providing me notes on the writing.  A few months later I reread my manuscript while writing my own notes and then started rewriting the manuscript into my second complete draft.  This second draft had significant changes from the first, including eliminating a huge chunk of the story because it did not make sense.  The only way I can take this book forward is to get it edited by a professional.

I have already scouted out a few websites that will edit the story.  These include FirstEditing and BubbleCow.  Both of these sites offer editing both on the grammar of my writing and analysis of the plot.  If it comes down to pure economical price, I will probably go with BubbleCow because they offer both a line edit and analysis for a lower price than FirstEditng even does a general line edit for grammar.  If I have enough money, after Amazon and Kickstarter take their cut and I pay for the backer’s rewards, I may send the manuscript to both websites so that I can get two different perspectives on my novel.

What rewards did I come up with for my Kickstarter backers?  I am glad you asked.  The biggest reward goes to the one person who decides they want to fully fund my project.  They will have the privilege of naming of one of the prominent characters in this novel.  It will probably not be one of the major stock characters, but this character could make appearances in future books of this series (if successful).  Another big reward that includes allowing one of the backers to decide the gender of one of the major characters of the novel and series.  While writing the book I had the hardest time trying to decide the gender of one of the crew during my writing so leaving it to someone else might be a better idea.  Other rewards include a bound and signed copy of the updated manuscript from the editor’s notes, a personalize thank you note, and being included on the email list for future updates on the project, etc.  An additional reward for $100 backers. will include bound and signed copies of the major drafts of the novel so far.

What do I need from you my readers?  First, you could give to my Kickstarter campaign.  Any amount would be helpful and appreciated.  Secondly, you could promote his Kickstarter campaign in your own way.  Maybe on your personal blog or Facebook feed.  Thirdly, I am still looking for people who are willing and able to read my manuscript and give me notes on its content and quality.  If interested shoot me an email and I will send it on to you at my earliest possible convenience.  Fourth, sending your personal thoughts, prayers , and good Juju would be appreciated as I take this next big step into the publishing of my novel.

To sum up, I have a book I am writing that needs to be professionally edited.  I am running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money to pay for those services.  There are some interesting and unique rewards for all backers but especially those who support me with a significant amount of money (Yes, my artistic integrity can be bought for a price).  I need you help in any way, shape, or form that you can provide for me (money, promotion, reading or praying).  Thanks in advance for any and all the help you provide either little or small.

Here is the link to my Kickstarter Campaign Page:  Editing “Blind Faith.”

Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Have a nice day! Class dismissed!