Temptation Sickness

Today I am going to talk about a sin and temptation in life.  I am going to speak of this temptation in a general sense because I don’t feel the specific temptation and sin is something that I view as proper to share with the world at large.

At the start of 2014 I started to once again fight against temptations that I had not even attempted to struggle against in the last few years.  I have a predisposition to a particular sin .  After viewing some enlightening information about the topic I decided that my practicing of this sin had to stop.  I could not unlearn what I learned and to continue in that sin would be tacit approval of such behavior.  So I decided to once against struggle with this sin.  Interestingly enough my wife saw the same video in the same time period and was going to talk to me about it too.

So I started resisting the sin.  It was difficult in some respects, because this sin was something that I would use many times to fill space in my day.  It was something I would do when to satisfy my boredom.  It was not an addiction that was either psychological, biological, or emotional.  Even with that I found myself having to force myself to not partake in this sin.  I had to find things to do to fill those gaps of boredom

Thanks to the strength of God, I have successfully resisted against most of the temptations brought before me.  I like to think that God used the desire to blog again to fill the boredom void this sin used to fill.

What is interesting though in this whole situation is the experience I had the other day.  I had the thought to possibly partake in this sin in some small way, because it made me feel good.  Now I did not have a horrible day or even a bad day, so I did not need something to pump me up.  Once I started though, felt mentally ill, disgusted by the entire situation and temptation.  That feeling drove me away from the sin in an away that I had never experienced before.  It was no longer attractive or desirable in my eyes.

So a victory in my struggle over sin and temptation.  I hope this article helps you in the struggles against sin and temptation in your life.  Thanks for your time and have a nice day.

Questions? Comments?  Concerns?  Class dismissed!


Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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