In the most recent weeks, I have been so bored.

I bought some new video games but I can’t get engaged into the.

The second draft of Iron Eagle went out to my team of readers, but I have not heard anything real yet from any of them.  I promised myself I would not look at the manuscript until I have some feedback from them to know where I need to go.

I have a bunch of other ideas for stories and books in my head, but I just don’t feel ready to write them at the present moment in time.

My mind is racing for ideas both practical and operation for the possible theatre troupe I want to build at the LSA High School.  It scares the crap out of me; losing more time from my life and family.

Books are good but only a temporary fix.

I need to write, but my stories are not where my mind is at right now.  Without anything published it is hard to get into it.  I don’t even know if the first novel I wrote is good so why write a second before the first even has made it to print.

I need something to distract the mind.  Household chores only go so far.  Television just dulls my creativity.  I think it might be time to get back into the game; the blogging game.

I have been gone for almost two years.  Family commitments and my almost complete MA in Political Science prevented me from spending a lot of time on my blog for almost two years.  I know I have readers, some of which I don’t even know.

The question remains though if I can stay consistent.  That was my problem years ago. The pressure of trying to make a deadline an amount of days a week didn’t crack me, but I think it stressed me out to find topics.  Current events are great, but I want to talk about so much more.  I obviously have some topics built-in.  I want to go back to my original intent series and trace the original ideas and principles of the 1787 Constitution.  I need to finish my summary of Glenn Beck’s “Broke.”   But are these enough to sustain a real blog?  That is the question.

Only time will tell.  What are you thoughts?  Should the Government Teacher get back in the blogging game?  How many times a week would you like to hear from his man?  What kind of topics would you like me to talk about?  Are their parts to this site that you would like to see developed?  Please let me know.  I desperately need feedback.

Thanks for listening.  Have a nice day!

Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Class dismissed!