It’s that time of year again.  Christmas is just a few short days away.

Anyone who knows me knows that if I see Christmas decorations and goods being sold or advertised before Thanksgiving it ticks me off.  This year is one of the first where I have seen Christmas sales being advertised before Halloween/Reformation Day.  This is seriously the earliest I have ever seen that happen and it makes me madder than all get out.  Here is why.

Christmas is a Christian holiday.  Like it or not, that is the truth.  Yes, I know the history behind how Christ’s birth came to be celebrated.  The church wanted to prevent the Christians from celebrating the pagan celebrations of the winter solstice. So they created Christmas.  I academically that Christmas originates from that tradition.  With that being said, the nearly two millennia of celebrating Christ’s birth as a replacement to the pagan winter solstice kind of makes it a permanent part of the Christian culture.  No one celebrates the winter solstice anymore with the methods used by the Gauls and other pagan people.  Therefore Christmas is a Christian holiday.  So what’s my beef now?

My beef is with people trying to take Christ out of Christmas because without Christ this holiday has no meaning.  As stated above no one celebrates the winter solstice; they celebrate Christmas.  If you remove Christ from Christmas and it is just a part of the “holiday season” then we have further along the idea of this mass consumerist society and that Christmas is just a part of the look at me and everything I bought attitude that has become our culture.

Whether you believe it or not, Jesus Christ was a person who lived and died by crucifixion at the hands of the Romans and his own people for saying he was the son of God.  This is a confirmed historical fact by many hostile and friendly historical sources of the era.  Whether you believe he is the son of God sent into the world to pay for our sins to allow us to enter into heaven is an act of faith not fact.  But Christmas still celebrates him and his historical birth and eventually his death.  But our society and developing global culture has replaced Christ with Santa, the shepherds with snowmen, and the star proclaiming his arrival with reindeer with a red nose that glows.  And the meaning of Christmas has lost all meaning.

Christmas is not the most important holiday in the Christian churches calendar, but it is important.  Easter can only happen because Christ came to earth as a child.  The message of Easter is present in Christmas because the manger ends at the empty tomb.  I give gifts at Christmas because of the gift that was given to me.  This gift from God was given to me whether I was naughty or nice.  I do not earn it, it is a gift.  It is the forgiveness of sins.  Therefore, I give gifts to my friends and family as an example of the gift given to me from Jesus Christ.

If we remove the Christ out of Christmas, we are just giving gifts with no meaning.  No purpose but to just give them for the sake of tradition.  Maybe that is enough for some people, but that is not Christmas, at least not for me.  Maybe that expression of belief is an example of the moral relativism we live in today.  Holidays have the meaning we give them instead of their intended point.  If that is the case then holidays have no meaning at all.