This may come as a surprise to many of my readers and followers but I support required vaccinations before a child enters school.  Shocking right?!  The major reason comes from a single phrase in the Constitution and a required role of the government in civil society: the common good or general welfare (whichever you prefer).

Previously I have spoken on the original intent of the phrase of the General Welfare, as found in the Constitution (Original Intent: The General Welfare).  In this article I explained that the use of the term the General Welfare has been abused to justify the spreading of federal government power into areas reserved for the states as determined by the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  I won’t rehash the arguments here, because it is not the point of this article.  The point of this article is to lay out a reasoned and logical argument for why required vaccinations serve the common good.  The link below is one of the most compelling arguments one could make.

Deadly Diseases Like Measles And Mumps Make Frightening Comeback

The above linked article states that hospitals and doctors are now starting to see diseases, once thought near extinction, making a comeback.  Doctors created these vaccines for these diseases and have saved the lives of countless children.  But now because of unfounded concerns about autism in children, people refuse to vaccinate their children.  Hence they catch these diseases and probably will die.  Here is another article to show the problem we are currently facing.

UN Targets Polio in Middle East After Syria Outbreak

Because of the prolonged civil war children are not being vaccinated against this deadly disease.  Therefore the rate of infections of this disease is increasing.  What’s more is refugees could be carrying this disease into Europe and other nations.  So any children not vaccinated for polio in Europe could also be affected.  It goes even beyond this problem though, diseases can change.

The bigger problem we face with people not vaccinating their children is that when those diseases can mutate as they are spreading among these unvaccinated children.  At that point it has no longer become a parent’s personal choice to a choice that affects the entire community you live in.  A mutated strain of polio or some other childhood disease can easily spread to my child who has not been vaccinated for that strain of the disease.  Therefore you choice has now lead not only to the possible death of your child but mine and every other parents child, even though they took the steps to vaccinate my child.  What does this all have to do with the general welfare?

It is for the common good of all citizens that we vaccinate our children, especially if you are going to have them go to public schools where they will play with to other children.  Even if you decide to homeschool your children vaccinations are important because you child will go into public sooner or later.  And through that contact alone a mutated strain of a near dead disease can spread to other people not protected against it.

It is in the best interest of everyone that we protect our children against diseases that are both prevalent among children and can kill them.  You have every right to parent as you see fit, but when your parenting style conflicts with my children’s or my right to life and liberty you have to give up the right for the good of the general welfare of your society.  By failing to vaccinate children, your child can easily become a public health risk to my child and myself if that disease mutates into a strain that our vaccines do not work against.  It happens.  This is part of the reason we have antibiotic resistant strains of different bacteria.  We have overused antibiotics to the point where the bacteria have evolved against it.  The same could happen to these childhood diseases if we do not keep them in check with the vaccines created to save lives.

There are those that argue there is a link between the chemicals used in vaccinations (like Mercury) and autism or ADHD.  The problem is the study that supposedly proved that link was debunked over three years ago and the doctor discredited for his work.  With these scientific findings parents have no excuse for why they should not vaccinate their children.  I am not sure what exactly they are afraid of.

Let’s suppose there is a real link between Autism and vaccinations.  Why would risk your son’s or daughter’s life just to keep them from getting a disability?  A disability that is highly treatable?  Kids with autism don’t die, but with the right medication, and support they can live long and productive lives.  So which is more important to you?

In the end, part of living in civil society means giving up some of your rights for the protection of other rights.  Also, every right has limits.  As I always told my government classes, my right to swing my fist ends at your nose.  My inherent natural rights to life, liberty and property or even to choosing what is best for my children as their parent, end when the practicing of that right interferes with another person’s rights.  That is why required vaccinations for school age children can fall under the power of the government to protect the General Welfare of its citizens.

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