Today and tomorrow the U.S. Supreme Court is hearing several cases on the marriage, its definition in one state and the role the federal government has in defining it based on a law passed by a Republican Congress and a Democratic President. Today is being dubbed Equality Day by some. But one thing I want us all to remember is that regardless of the outcome we are all equal in many ways. Specifically today though I want to talk about how we are all equal in the eyes of God.

First, in the eyes of God we are all equally his creation. We were all equally made in his image. That means regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, or political affiliations we are all loved by God. He created and knows us all equally in our inmost being. He created us equally in his eyes so no one is above another on this earth.

Secondly, in the eyes of God we are all equally sinful.  We are all equally deserving of damnation and hell, regardless of whether your sin comes from one part of Leviticus or is one of the big 10 in Exodus.  We are equally dead in the eyes of God because of our sins.  We are equally condemned because of our “thoughts, words, and deeds” We have all been condemned by “the things we have done and the things we have left undone.” We have not love you with our whole heart, we have not loved our neighbors as ourselves.”  This is the Law given to us by our Creator. God demands that his creation be perfect and we have never been perfect. But we are all equal in another way.

Thirdly, We are all equally justified before God “by the innocent, bitter suffering and death” of Jesus Christ. His death and resurrection provided everyone on earth, regardless of their sins, an equal share of the inheritance that God has prepared for his adopted sons and daughters. This is not because our work, but the work of Jesus Christ. This work is given to us as a free gift of grace to live life eternally with him. There we will have true equality with each other because we will all have been equally saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. In the Book of Life we are all equally saved regardless of whether we came to at birth or just before death. It is written in the Book of Life, where all the records of our equally evil and sinful deeds: “Paid in full” with Christ’s signature on the ledger line.

Lastly, we are equal in the eyes of God in our job to share this grace and Gospel with one another. We cannot exclude anyone because we disagree with this sins or political orientation. The grace and forgiveness of God comes to all who would seek it. It is not our job to deny it to anyone.

Let us remember this Holy Week that we are all equal in the eyes of God. Equally created. Equally sinful. Equally saved. Equally commanded to love. So stop with the politics and love one another, as Christ loved you.