Greetings!  Merry Christmas!  Happy Hanukkah!  A celebratory solstice! and joyous Kwanza to you all!  Also, may you have a happy new year!

It has been over a week since I have logged into the Facebook to read the news feeds of my “friends” and argue/debate/comment on their statuses/posts. I can’t say that I have missed it. With that in mind I am considering suspending my account to the social media site. Here are the possible reasons why.

Time Killer Factor
There are so many things that take up my time these days. I am running out of hours in the day between my new job (teaching two new subjects), school work for my Masters degree, the pleasures of being a family man, and never mind time to just be by myself doing things I enjoy. Facebook is just one of those things I am realizing I don’t want to devote time to on a daily or even weekly basis.

“Friend” Factor
It is interesting to see how many people I am friends with on Facebook but never directly talk to or hang out with. Facebook is a great tool for catching up with your friends without giving them any of your time. It makes us feel connected to one another but are we really connected at all with these people. I think it is time for some genuine connectedness with the people I consider friends. Now granted I do not live near most of my friends anymore, but that does not mean I can not stay in contact and connected with them.

Political Drama
I have spent way too much time on Facebook arguing/debating with people. This has really only made me more frustrated at the state of the world and the blame game of the problems in the world. I have seriously considered “defriending” three of my good colleagues from a previous job because of their statements about political topics. All I see on Facebook is each side blaming the other for all the problems of the world and other stupid political name calling and back biting. No one cares about the solutions unless they come from their “side” This is not just the friends that I have that are Democrats. I am seeing some dumb crap from some of my Republican”friends” as well. So I just don’t want to deal with that drama anymore so I am removing myself from the conservation.

With all this in mind I am considering suspending my Facebook account. What is your view/opinion/comment on this decision?  Please let me know how you feel about this topic and decisions.  I WILL NOT BE CHECKING THE COMMENTS ON FACEBOOK SO LEAVE YOUR OPINIONS ON MY BLOG’S WEBPAGE.

Thanks for reading.