Last Monday (July 9), I received an email from the principal of a Lutheran high school in Decatur, IL.  He wanted to talk to me about possibly calling me to teach at his newly appointed high school.  I called him up that day and we talked for about fifteen minutes about the position and setting up a time for the interview a few days later.  Over the next few days I prepared for the phone interview and talked with my wife extensively about what would be our course of action if they should offer me the teaching position.

On Thursday afternoon, I had my interview.  One key topic discussed during my interview was how I would revamp a social studies program (which I believe I have discussed in this blog before).  The basics behind this program is a freshmen global studies course (Like world geography or history), a two-year focus on U.S. History (the first year would be Native Americans through the Civil War, the second year would be Western Expansion through the present, including an AP section of the class) and a senior level U.S. Government class with a personal finance element (including an AP section and a separate “We the People…” competition class).  The principal seemed very impressed with these ideas and complimented me on such.

After the interview and during the weekend, we talked about the possibilities of the teaching position being offered to me.  We both agreed that it is the best move for my professional career, and for our family.  We started doing some preliminary packing if the job was offered, because we could not lose three days of work.  We also prayed a lot about the job to make sure that this was God’s will.

Today, July 15, the principal called me and officially offered me the job, which we accepted on the spot.  They have even offered to pay for our moving expenses, including sending a supporter of the school out with his moving truck to move our boxes and furniture to our new home.  We are now in overdrive in packing and preparing for our time to leave.

At the present moment we are scheduled to leave Las Vegas on the afternoon Friday, July 20.  We have Katie’s old employer helping us pack the truck and our trailer.  We drive to Flagstaff, AZ then to Tucumcari , NM on Saturday.  We will drive to Oklahoma City on Sunday and spend a few days there to visit with the Affentranger clan.  We arrive in St. Louis, MO on Tuesday, July 24 and arrive at our new home of Decatur, IL on Wednesday, July 25.

I am to report to school on August 1st, teacher meetings start the 8th and classes the 15th.  I will be teacher at the Lutheran School Association in Decatur, IL.  This year I will teaching three sections of Freshmen World Geography and Civics and three sections of U.S. History.  I will be collaborating with another teacher to possibly revamp and redesign the social studies curriculum, hopefully along the ideas that I proposed during my interview.  I hope to return to teaching government in the next year or two, including AP and maybe a “We the People…” competition team.

Anyway, this is a scary and exciting time for Katie, Samantha and I.  I just ask for your prayers and positive thoughts over the next few days, weeks, and months ahead.