A few month a go I stopped my usual political writings on this blog.  This is mostly because so much of the writing I had done, while educational, was not fulfilling to me any more.  It made me more discouraged and jaded about the situation our nation faces.  Maybe some day I will return to political writings, but I am not sure when.  I wanted to focus my writing on fun and positive writing.

Even longer ago, after watching an episode of Joss Whedon’s Firefly, I had an idea of writing fan fiction for that universe or going back to my rewrite of the Star Wars prequels.  After thinking for a few minutes I realized I would never be satisfied writing in the universe of someone else.  It was at that point that I decided to create a universe to write in and so was born the science fiction universe of Iron Eagle.

This is my first major attempt at fictional writing.  I hope to make this book into a serial form of fiction to build more and more on the universe I have created.  I hope to finish, edit and publish this first book through Amazon.com and the Kindle storefront in the next twelve months.

Written below is the prologue included at the start of  the books in this series.  I hope you enjoy and look forward to any comments on the introduction to this new universe.  Thanks for reading.

Iron Eagle Prologue
We are the scum of earth, or at least we were.

Over three centuries ago, the planet, our records, call Earth was populated by well over ten billion people.  The Earth could no longer sustain such numbers.  The leaders of the planet took it upon themselves to relieve the Earth of this problem.  The poor, diseased, rebellious, and criminals were rounded up on every continent and country.  These outcasts of society, our history calls the Exiles, were penned up onto newly and hastily constructed shuttles.  They were put into suspended animation and launched into the great beyond of space with some new experimental technology.  As far as historians can tell, they were called Star Jump Drives; or that’s at least what we call them now.  We have no idea how long our forefathers were in stasis during the Long Sleep.

We are the descendants of those Exiles.  We know its been three hundred years have passed since the Exile Awakening, when some of our ships landed on the planets that would be come our homes.  Three hundred years ago all five hundred shuttles and six billion people, the outcasts of society, landed, either by chance or by direction, on a system of habitable planets.  We may have been unacceptable to society on Earth, but our ancient ancestors cared enough about us to give us the tools to survived.  The vessels contained weapons, building materials, prefabricated buildings and many other tools needed to scrap a living off of any rock on which we would land.  Over the next three hundred years the Exiles and their descendants tamed the wilderness of the planets and formed them for our own uses.  Using the technology given to us by the people of Earth and what we engineered from our shuttles we tamed the vast emptiness of space between our planets.

Considering the origins of our ancestors, one would think that our society would degenerate quickly in killing and war between, but it didn’t.  In the three hundred years of our history there was not a single major war for territory, power or resources.  It seems the connection between the Exiles, as outcasts, brought them together than anyone could have imagined.  We were united by a common ancestry and the Star Jump Drives propelled us through the systems and connected us.  Each planet developed its own culture, government and role in our system.  For some though that was not enough.
Fifty years ago, several of the more prominent planets united in what would become known as the Terran Confederacy.  It started as six planets that united for the purpose of common defense and trade.  They were able to combine their economic, technology, culture and military forces.  But soon the goals of common defense and trade morphed and mutated into the complete unification of the Exile planets under one banner.  Most of the systems started to refused trade with the Confederacy on the grounds that creating a monopoly would damage the ideals and principles of cooperation between the individual planets. The Confederacy propaganda said that everyone would get a house, a job, and enough food that they would ever need.  Some people fell for it; I was not one of them and there were many others.

We fought back and lost.  Sure everyone got what was promised but gone was any illusion of privacy, freedom and dignity.  I escaped the purge of dissidents and took to the last refuge this system gives: interstellar space with my ship, the Iron Eagle.