It’s not often I step out from behind my guise as the government teacher and talk to you, my readers, about things within my personal life.  Today will be one of those rare occasions.

Most of you probably did not know but I have been living the bachelor life the last few weeks in Vegas.  Here is what happened.  There was a plan at the end of this summer to fly just me and my daughter out to Chicago at the end of September.  The point was so that my daughter and I both could be present for my Grandma Bulava’s 90th birthday party.  My wife then was to fly out with our daughter later in the month to help and support my brother and sister-in-law when she gave birth to the child.  Then I got the brilliant idea of having all three of us, my wife, our daughter and myself, fly out at the same time.  My wife and daughter would then just stay out in Chicago between my Grandma’s 90th birthday and the birth of my new nephew.  Dumb idea.

I knew I would miss them both, in many ways; I never realized just how much I would miss both of them. I miss waking up in the middle of the night and having my wife next to me.  I miss hearing my daughter cry when she is upset and needs her daddy.  I miss praying with my wife and daughter during meals and before we go to bed.  I miss reading to my daughter.  I miss the daily sharing of how our days went.  I miss looks, glances, hand holding, cuddling, glares, stares, and naps.  I miss these and so much more.

Also, the last three weeks have shown me how much I rely on my wife for so many things around the house and for our family.  Having my wife stay at home has ultimately relieved me of many of the chores around the house.  It has shown me just how much I do and do not do around our home.  It has shown me how much my wife does around the how and how valuable her contributions are to our family.  How much does my wife do?  Lets run down the list:

  • Taking care of the baby and all her many moods (a job unto itself)
  • Runs errands for me while I am at work.
  • Works 7 hours a week at the theatre to bring a little money
  • Cleans up my messes (hello kitchen fairy)
  • Cleans the bathrooms.
  • Picks me up from work everyday.
  • Deals with all the family drama that pops up.
  • Keeps the house organized and clean.
  • Prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner for me and the family.
  • Helps keep track of our finances.
  • Does the laundry, most of the time by herself.
  • Takes our daughter to the library for reading time.
  • Deals with our temperamental cats.
  • And so much more that I cannot remember.

To my wife:  If I have never taken the time to thank you for all that you do for our daughter, our family, and myself, let me do it now.  Thank you so much for all you do for our family and for me.  Thank for all the house work and meals.  Thank you for still looking at me like we started dating yesterday.  Thank you for still holding my hand in the car.  Thanks for holding me when I had a bad day at work.  Thank you for all the naps we take.  Thank you for listening to all my political rants.  Thank you for stopping me from arguing on Facebook.  Thank you for giving me time every day to unwind after I get done with work.  Thank you for this and so much more than I could never remember or express in this simple article.


Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Class dismissed!