Greetings all!  If any of you follow me on Facebook you probably read that I am half seriously, half jokingly considering making a run at the District #1 seat for the House of Representatives here in Nevada.  Why am I running?

The first reason I am choosing to possibly run is that the district one seat in Nevada is an open election.  The Congresswoman serving in that seat has declared her candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat up for reelection next year, which is now held by governor appointed and former Congressman Dean Heller.  If you study politics and elections you know that the best opportunity for a person to win a seat in a representative body is when the seat has no incumbent to run against.

The second reason I am running is because I feel I could be a good representative in Congress.  I am more than qualified in my understanding of the Constitution and the authority granted to the U.S. Congress by the Constitution.  I don’t think there is a candidate I can run against in this district that can match my knowledge on the Constitution.  I feel that makes me superior to almost all other candidates, regardless of their political party.

The third reason I am running is I have always wanted to run for public office, and this election provides a unique opportunity to make a dream come true.  If I lose who cares?  At least I tried.

Can win?  Honestly I am not sure I can win.  The first reason is that I have no money to run a campaign.  Most campaigns for the House of Representatives spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to not get elected.  The second reason is that I have no time to actively campaign.  I consider myself a teacher first; this campaign is not my main focus in life.  Even if I were to win a political party’s nomination, I would also still have little time to campaign since I could only really do it this summer and for one month this summer I will be at Georgetown University for my Summer seminar for the James Madison Fellowship.  Then when school starts up again I cannot actively campaign full-time.  I just have to do my job and pick my spots to make my mark on the campaign and hope for the best.

How will I run this campaign?  It will be a bare bones, grass-roots campaign.  Since I am a teacher and I take the responsibility seriously I will still stay in my job during the entirety of the campaign.  My campaign message must be spread through the word of mouth and hopefully some local and national media exposure.

How will I accomplish this exposure?  First, at the outset of my campaign I will send campaign letters to all the local news and other media outlets: television stations, talk radio and music stations.  My hope is that they will contact me for interviews about my campaign and that I would be included in any partisan debates during the primary.  I will also send campaign information to select radio personalities that I feel could help further my campaign on both a local and national level.  Those include local host Heidi Harris, nationally syndicated, but locally produced The Jerry Doyle Show, Michael Medved, Micheal Savage, and a few others I am familiar with, but locally and in national syndication.

What happens if I win?  The first hurdle would be wining the primary election for my registered political party.  I am not running as an independent or third-party candidate because they have no chance at winning.  While I consider myself an independent conservative, I am registered as a member of the Republican Party (Primarily so I can vote in primary elections).  So with that in mind I will be running for the Republican nomination for the general election.  That race itself will also be a test to win, mostly because I have no time to actively campaign.

If I were to win the primary election I would try to go hardcore in a door knocking campaign with volunteers to get people aware of myself and my message.  Much of this would be done soon after the primary election during the summer months because I have to go to Georgetown University next summer for a month-long seminar as part of the requirements of winning the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Scholarship.  Then once school starts campaigning would take a back seat once again in favor of my real job.  I would again try to get myself on local and national media.  It would not surprise me if the opportunities for more exposure on the local and national media would be much larger if I were to win the primary.  I feel confident of this because the story of my campaign would be very much a captivating story of the government teacher trying to represent the citizens in the government he teaches about.

If I were to do the impossible, and win the general election, I would make it my promise that I would not take my seat in the House until the responsibilities to my job were complete.  This would be primarily continuing to teach until after semester exams in January.  Teaching is my job and I owe it to my students and the administration team of my school to complete the semester before I take the seat in the House of Representatives.

Why do I think I will win?  First, there is a large movement in this nation against career politicians.  I am far from a career politician.  I am also young so I can help buck the old guard in the system with some fresh ideas.  My age also I feel makes me more appealing to the younger generation because they would like to vote for someone as young as them.  Secondly, I think I can appeal to the large mass of people who consider themselves the Tea Party because I support many of the idea that they espouse and consider myself one of them.  Thirdly, I feel that my knowledge of the Constitution will help convince some that I know what I am doing.  Fourth, I am not owned by any special interest.  Fifth, I am way to honest and I think people want to hear the blunt and forthright honesty I speak.  Sixth, I know a lot of teachers, who I think will be very supportive of another teacher running for political office, regardless of their political party.  These are all the reasons I make me believe that I can win.

Unfortunately I am just one man, but even with the help and support of my wife, there is a lot of work to do to try to carry out this feat or even trying to run a grass-roots campaign while working full-time as a teacher. What are some of the things I need to make this idea a reality?

  • Money.  In the state of Nevada the state charges a $300 fee to file your candidacy papers to run for seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.  The laws associated with campaign financing are also very complicated and fraught with dangers.  Which brings me to my second need.
  • Legal help.  There is a lot of paper work that must be filled out correctly and filed on time.  Plus an understanding of campaign finance law so that I don’t get in trouble for not the law.
  • Website.  I have a small start-up site here at WordPress as a starting point.  It was the easiest and cheapest solution.  But if there is someone who can give time to make it look good, display my personality, who I would be as a representative, and what I think and believe.
  • Campaign design material.  The chief thing I would like designed is simple patriotic themed design attached to any campaign material.  This would include my name, the office I am running for, the campaign website as well as some iconography.  This design would then be used in all campaign materials and as way to make money using the Cafepress site, to help fund the campaign.

If you can offer any of these services at no cost I would greatly appreciate it.  There are some of you, whom I consider friends, that might have some of the skills I need.  Don’t be surprised if you get a phone call seeing if there is anything you can do to help.

Those who choose to give financially, I will make this promise to you.  If I do not win the nomination or the general election, I will return a percentage of the remaining money in my campaign war chest.  Using the detailed records of monetary support from my campaign contributor, I would determine what percentage each person gave.  If any money was remaining in my campaign account I would return that percentage of the money back to those donors.  I feel that is the most principled action to take if you do not win.