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Author Note:  I have dreaded writing and posting this article ever since I first reading this book .  My wife gave me funny looks for reading it; she even made me a tin foil hat.  I know a lot of spewing hatred will be cast in my direction by the lefties that read this blog. Some may even questioning my sanity, intelligence or call me racist for reading and discussing this book.  I want to reiterate my arguments from the earlier post.  I did not read this book because I dislike the politics and policies of President Barack Obama.  Nor did I read this book out of the view that I believe he is ineligible for the office of President.  I read this book out of sense of intellectual and political curiosity.  I read this book in to educate myself about the arguments made by the “birther” movement in this nation.  What I read did not surprise me, but it was enlightening to me about how much we do not know about the man who lives in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

This book divides into three major sections.  Part One deals with the entire controversy surrounding the President’s birth certificate, which recently has been clear up when President Obama released the long form birth certificate a few months ago.  Part Two deals with the major holes in the family history of Barack Obama, from his parents relationship to his time in Indonesia.  Part Three deals with the issues that sprung up from the 2008 campaign including the court cases against the President, and the actions of the Democratic Party.  A fourth section of the book (positioned in the middle) is all the evidence collected by the author and the World News Daily website during the entire investigation.  This includes screen caps of relevant articles and copies of vital documents references throughout the book.  This review will focus on the key arguments made by the author.

This book is a clear condemnation of the news media who would not properly question and vet Senator Obama while he was campaigning. They did not ever investigate any of his claims or his past. No question was ever raised about his time in Indonesia, or when he went to Pakistan. No question raised about his papers in college or what he wrote while a professor in Chicago. Meanwhile, the media investigate mercilessly the past of an American hero of John McCain and make claims that Trig Palin was actually the child of Sarah Palin’s daughter. They fly to Alaska to dig up anything they can on this woman while almost intentionally ignoring the controversial statements and past of Senator Obama.

The Obama campaign was actually the first “birthers” in the movement that would soon turn their eyes on him. It was the Obama campaign that started to question the natural-born citizenship of the likely Republican candidate for President: John McCain. He was born into a military family in the Panama Canal Zone. The questions quickly focused on if he was a natural-born citizen (as required by Article I, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution) if he was born in a foreign nation. Corsi provides eighteen exhibits showing the news stories about this first birther movement and both the long and short forms of McCain’s birth certificate. The main point the author tries to make in this chapter is that none of the media never called these people crazy, nor were the questioners seen as lunatics just for wanting answers to this question. Why is it that once Obama’s natural-born citizenship comes into question they start attacking anyone who asks the tough questions? Why is it that they try to hide the documents that would prove him in the right? This amounts to a flagrant amount of hypocrisy on the part of the Obama campaign and the media.

A few months into the birther controversy surrounding, then Senator Obama, the campaign released the infamous Certificate of Live Birth (COLB). Corsi tracks in the book how someone actually was easily able to forge such a document, again with attached evidence, but that is not even the biggest issue related to the COLB. It is possible to generate a COLB without any record of a person’s birth in the state. The laws then allowed any close relative (mother, father, grandparent) to go to the state department of health and fill in the information to record the birth and receive a COLB. The state health department does not require a birth certificate or any other evidence of the birth. They don’t even investigate any of the information presented in these requests.

At one time President Obama claimed to have been born at Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.  News outlets reported this fact many times in articles written about the candidate. Upon taking the oath of office the President wrote a letter to the Kapi’olani Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii congratulating them on 100 years of service mentioning that he was born there. The hospital even used this letter as a fund-raising tool, but when asked to see it they turned away all news paper reporters. When reporters asked for the hospital to confirm that Obama was born there they would not give any information, even acknowledging that a birth certificate exists for him on the premises. To top that off, the news stories from just a year ago years past were edited to change the hospital of the President’s birth; the old versions listing Queen’s Medical Center were scrubbed. Also where is Obama’s doctor who attended the birth and delivered him? The hospital refused to give records of doctors who worked at the hospital in 1961 so that they could be questioned on whether they remembered who attended Obama’s birth.

If you look at the media and news reports coming out of Africa one would find many occasions when the stories claimed the President was born in Africa. Many times these stories again are scrubbed to clarify that the President’s father is from Africa. We also have the President’s wife making a misquote about this topic too. Corsi even references an interview done with one of the President’s grandparents in Africa (One of Barack Obama Sr.’s wives; he had multiple spouses.). The grandmother states clearly several times that she saw the President born. This interview was done through several interpreters, so its easy to understand if there was some confusion between them in asking questions and relaying the answers. One interesting observation that Corsi makes is that there appears to be someone in the background of the interview possible coaching the grandmother after she makes the claim she saw her grandson born. And there appears to be no confusion by the grandmother on the questions being asked by the interviewers and translated to her.

Barack Obama goes into pretty clear details about the relationship between his mother and his father, but there is little proof to back up what he says or told by his grandparents. There is little if any evidence of Ann Dunham and Barack Obama’s relationship or marriage. Obama technically was only conceived six weeks after his parents met at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. After the birth of Obama they never lived together, as shown by newspaper birth announcements and records we have on where Obama Sr. lived. Obama’s mother moved to Seattle just three weeks after he was born leaving the father in Hawaii. She moved back after Obama Sr. left to study at Harvard. No evidence exists of the marriage between the two parents.

President Obama as a young child moved to Indonesia with his mom and his step father because his visa had expired. He spent four years as a child there attending both a catholic school and a local Islāmic school. Obama’s mother listed him on her passport when they moved to Indonesia, but after several years she told the state department to remove her soon due to unknown reasons. The question is raised on if the President was made an Indonesian citizen by his step-father adopting him and no longer a U.S. citizen to be eligible on his mother’s passport. Another interesting fact, is the destruction of the passport records of Ann Dunham during the 1980s according to a General Services Administration directive. This in direct contrast to what the state department claims on its website that it maintains record for passports issued from 1925 to present. This destruction also eliminated any documentation she may have submitted to prove her son was a U.S. citizen.

We have no records of President Obama’s time in college. No transcripts, applications or even his thesis when he was at law school. Why are these documents being hidden? Since his step-father adopted him, one possible explanation is that he may have applied for aid as a foreign citizen.

When then Senator Obama accepted the Democratic Party nomination in 2008, the political party submitted documents to the states that allow the candidate a place on the ballot in those states. It reads:

This is to certify that the National Convention of the Democratic Party of the Untied States of America, held in Denver, Colorado on August 25 through 28, 2008 the following were duly nominated as candidates of said Party for President and Vice President of the United States respectively and that the following candidates for President and Vice President are legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution.

The Democratic party submitted two different forms of this document to the 50 states. Hawaii received the one above , the other 49 states received a similar document, excluding language about constitutional eligibility. Why? What makes this worse is there is no state or federal office that checks eligibility of the candidates for President. So how do we actually know that anyone who is a candidate for the office a president meets the constitutional requirements? The states are already on this issue to be hopefully cleared up by the next Presidential election.

There have been several cases against President Obama to prove he is a natural-born citizen. Several intitiated by members of the military, others by private citizens. Obama has spent millions of dollars in legal fees successfully getting these cases thrown out of court. Philip J. Berg, deputy attorney general of Pennsylvania and Clinton supporter, filed a case twice. The judge three it out due to lack of standing, claiming the case intended to derail the democratic process by invalidating a candidate whom was already elected. The courts in general have stayed away from this issue throwing out case after case with various arguments. One stated it’s not the job of the secretary of state in California to investigate and determine eligibility of a presidential candidate. Another stating the judiciary is not the arbiter regarding any dispute on Presidential constitutional qualifications, suggesting that impeachment would be the only way to remove a President from office who is not eligible according to the Constitution. Neither was it relevant for the military to consider claims of a President’s eligibility. In one court denied the right to discovery because it might be an embarrassment to the president, nor did the court explain the basis for that conclusion. The courts have been openly hostile to these cases despite the fact that every citizen of the United States should have standing to have any candidate prove they meet the Constitutional requirements for the office of President.

In April, President Obama released his long form birth certificate that stated he was born to exactly who he says he was on the same date, time, and place as told before. The birther movement is not about whether the president is a citizen of the United States, but whether he is a natural-born citizen, as required by the Constitution. But does this end the controversy? It doesn’t. One section not mentioned in this review is the lengths Corsi takes to find a legal definition of natural-born citizen. As stated in the previous article, a person born in the United States, legally is not a natural-born citizen. This is proven both by the views of the Founders and how they defined the term. The article even states that the 14TH amendment does not classify any person born in the U.S. as a natural-born citizen. The speeches made by the writers of the 14th Amendment and the courts back up this legal supposition. To understand this more clearly, please read the previous article. It raises some serious questions about if the president is eligibility and the concept of a natural-born citizen.

So where does this leave us about our current President’s eligibility and the birther movement? The birther movement is not dead because anyone who runs for the office of President should be required by law in the states or at the federal level to prove they meet all three constitutional requirements to be elected to the office of President. Also for a President who gives speeches about transparency in government, he has not been very transparent about most of his life and documents American voters would be interested in reading; like his adoption records, school records from grade school through college, state department passport and travel records, his thesis while at Columbia, the articles he wrote for the Harvard Law Review, articles he wrote while a professor at the University of Chicago law school, medical records, records of his law practice in Chicago and his state senate records. None of these are available to the press or the American people for examination. The states can handle this issue easily by requiring all people who run for office submit to the secretary of state (or whoever is responsibly for elections in the state) any and all documents to prove that they meet the requirements to be eligible to run for that office. Since states have authority over elections it is their right to take this step.

Does Barack Obama’s father’s British citizenship disqualify him as a natural-born citizens? There is no clear answer on this issue. Congress could easily address this issue. They could deal with this issue either through a constitutional amendment or a law clearly stating the legal definition of a natural-born citizen.

The biggest problem in this entire book is how the media and courts have acted towards the American people and their preferred candidate. The Obama campaign attacked John McCain’s eligibility and then refuses to defend its own. The media investigate all they can about McCain and refuse to look into Obama. What is worse they laugh at anyone who questions the official story. For a President who ran on government transparency he is being very opaque about the records that would help us understand him better as a President and a candidate. Or maybe that is the point…

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Class dismissed!