Been an interesting week, not sure if there will be a posting on Saturday since article stockpile is low and will be flying out-of-town for the weekend.  It might be the book review on Where is the Birth Certificate? will get posted after all. Today’s article focuses on the policy of the states about elections and voting.

The basic principle any state election and voting laws must have as their focus is on preventing voter fraud. For valid elections everyone has have faith that only those who only those allowed to vote to make their vote count towards the candidate of their choice. There are several policies that should be in place to prevent voter fraud from occurring.

The first major policy is the make sure that voter fraud is a thing of the past is to require all citizens who vote must confirm their identity to the election officials. This could be an include making voters bring picture identification to the polls or just asking them to verify a piece of information about themselves before they can vote. Many people get criticize this type of law because they feel it discriminates against the poor and minorities. I am not sure of their arguments about this policy, but how can it be seen as unreasonable that a person has to prove their identity to cast their ballot. Also, state identification cards are generally easy to obtain for a minor fee.

Another good major policy allowing early and extended voting times. Many Republicans are against these policies, but if a longer window gets more people to vote then we should encourage it not end it. Included in this policy would be the ability to go to any polling place to cast your ballot. The more polling places the better the turn out, including on election day.

The last major policy would be to have greater accountability in voter registration. The massive voter fraud by ACORN and other agencies during the earlier Presidential election needs to be eliminated. One way to help make sure that this type of voter fraud never happens again seems like common sense. Wouldn’t the election officials of the state have the addresses of all registered voters? How hard would it be to run the addresses of new voter registrations against the addresses already in their database? The same could be done with the names. It seems to me this would be the most likely way to eliminate this form of voter fraud.

These three major changes in policy would help make sure that our elections are valid and the most honest in the world. Are there any policies you the readers feel should he implemented within the states? I would appreciate any comments. Feel free to share.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Class dismissed!