It was a long week with several articles that need commentary and read for the sake of having a good perspective on things. Enjoy!

This article lays out the fallacy that taxing the rich will solve our long-term deficit and debt problems. I outlined this earlier when taking on the President’s jobs speech before Congress. Most of the super wealthy, like Warren Buffet, do not make income from a paycheck covered under the income tax. Therefore it will not affect him as much as the self-employed professional and the small business owner. The super rich are not affected by a raise in taxes because they are taxed differently than regular wage earners.

On the first read this article was scary but it has since been updated with some historical facts that make this less sensation than when first thought. Suspension of the 11th Amendment mentioned in this bill prevents the states from taking money than suing under unconstitutional grounds. Still any law that clearly allows for violation of the Supreme Law of the land is clearly unconstitutional. Any strict or liberal constructionists can agree on that point. A law cannot abrogate or override the powers or restrictions vested in the Constitution, for any reason. This was the case in Marbury v. Madison in 1803. The Judiciary Act of 1789 altered the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and gave them authority not specifically mentioned in the Constitution. Therefore the courts declared that part of the act unconstitutional. The same must be true the case for any other law that clearly has in its language the allowance to ignore the constitutional provisions, powers and restrictions.

Weren’t the Republicans and conservatives in Congress harangued during 2009 and 2010 when they made the same claim. Now the former DNC Chairman is stating the same facts that they were screaming for almost a year. This was coming out of Howard Dean’s mouth. Even the Democrats knew the result of the disaster known as Obamacare. If this was known two years ago during this debate than the clear intent of the Democrats, Progressives, and liberals in Congress was clearly to take down the private health insurance companies to force us into a universal government-funded health care system. In fact there are many quotes from people on the left, even President Obama, that support this fact.

Just another case of government elitists hypocrisy. While this may not have been a law, it shows the arrogance people in political power in this nation. Those who think there are two sets of rules, one for the rulers, and one for the ruled. Both sides are guilty of this; the Rs and Ds, the libs and cons, the rich and the poor. Its called the rule of law people. Try rereading the Magna Carta if you don’t understand the concept.

The Congressional Black Caucus is starting to sound like the boy who cried Racists. This article points out clearly their own racism and discrimination against anyone not black. At their meeting they basically stated that if it was a white Democrat, like Bill Clinton, in the White House, they would be coming after them for their policies. But because Obama is black they are leaving him alone. They are filling the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. on their heads, and judging a man by the color of skin, not content of  character. Meanwhile they scream racism at a group of people who are just trying to offer a check against a government growing and spending out of control.

Basics behind this story is that a teacher sent a student to the principles office and then suspended for expressing a person religions belief in school, while talking about religions in a language class. He was telling a class mate that because he is a Christian he thinks homosexuality is wrong. The principle reduced the punishment when confronted by the parents the punishment but not completely. The student was punished for expressing an opinion. This and other stories show how clearly we are moving losing the right to freedom of thought and conscience. Some groups, specifically homosexual groups, are asking to the tax exempt status churches for preaching politics from the pulpit. Churches preaching politics from either side the aisle is not the purpose of the Church, but they have the right to preach about anything they want. The problem is going to come when reading the Bible and it specifically condemns a homosexual behavior. Now people will be punished by the state for their religious beliefs, and free speech. Besides this says nothing of other tax exempt groups that are specifically political and push an agenda. The right to free speech does not end when you don’t agree with what they have to say. No one gets to silence you because you disagree.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Class dismissed!