There were a number of articles from various sources that were necessary for discussion  in this forum today.  So lets begin.
So President Obama’s campaign has started a new website that encourages his supporters to report attacks on President Obama. This is similar to his fight the smear website from the 2008 campaign.  tweeted this new site and it has received many responses openly criticizing the move by the President.  The conservative media and other sources have ripped this site to shreds and have made it a joke. Another huge issue with the responses they have to the attacks on Obama is that the use of progressive sources who are Obama’s main cheerleaders.

The question to the readers of this blog is this:  What do you think?  Is this site a good or bad idea?  Would you report me and my posts that attack the President’s policies and positions?  If so that would be an honor.  Now if you do that and you don’t hear from me, just assume I was picked up by the FBI for subversive behavior.  Please share your thoughts.

Infanticide Compared to Abortion
This one just makes me sick. A mother in Canada strangles her baby and only receives a suspended sentence. What’s worse is the judge likens it to abortion. Now wherever you stand on abortion that is your right to believe so, but this was cold-blooded murder. As a new father, I understand babies can try your nerves sometimes. And believe there are times I have completely understood to euphemism of wanting to punch a baby (not that I would ever do that). But to strangle a child is murder, and is not even similar  to a “woman’s right to choose.” Thought in my mind they are exactly the same thing. So where is the line for this judge, when killing a baby is no longer alright in the eyes of the law, because I would like to know. I do know this our President was the only senator in the person to vote against the Born Alive Bill when he served
in the Illinois senate. This bill would have protected the life of a child born in the middle of an abortion. Thoughts?

Chuck Woolery Spoofs Warren Buffet on Paying Taxes

Chuck hits the hypocrisy nail on the head. All these rich people like want to raise taxes on the rich. The reasoning is they can afford it and I am sure most of them can. Though most rich people don’t make income that is taxed the same way you and I are taxed and therefore largely exempt from the U.S. income tax code. But if you feel that strongly nothing is stopping you from donating some of your wealth to the federal government to pay off the public debt. They need to start to put up or shut up. If they are not willing to part with their income of their own free will, why should they say others need to part with that income that they earned. It’s the same hypocrisy of the global warming/climate change crowd. They want to save the world and force us all into a substandard life while they fly their private jets all over the world. Their lifestyles have a larger carbon footprint than any average human being. When these hypocrites are willing to change their lifestyle for the sake planet of the planet based on inconclusive science, then so will I.

Passengers Detained Due to Appearance
This article shows how out of control our nation and our government has grown out of control to give us a bit of temporary safety. Federal officials detained three passengers and then proceeded to strip search them and seize their property on a suspicion based on how they look. This is gross violation of their 4th Amendment rights. The authorities had no evidence to suggest the had committed or were going to commit a crime (Probable cause). Therefore they had no right to seize the person or their property let alone search them. This along with the actions of the TSA is just another example of how our inalienable and Constitutionally protected rights are being stripped away from us and most of us like sheep are letting it happen to us. Under what authority given in the Constitution does any government agency have the power to search my person and property and tell me I don’t have the right to freedom of travel because I have a bottle of shampoo or a pair of scissors? Authority that is in clear violation of the 4th Amendment no matter what your method you use to interpret the document. Am I wrong on this or just crazy?

Those are all the news stories for today. Please feel free to comment and call me out where you think I am wrong. Also, if you have not done so, please sign up as a follower on the blog. Just click the “Sigh me up!” button to your left at the top of the page. It does not require you to be a member of the page, just an email address. Thanks for reading!

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