So its New Year’s Eve and I guess that means I should make some resolutions for the next year.  Here are mine.

  1. Lose more weight:  Since the end of July 2010 I have lost about 30 pounds.  I saw my weight at 230 pounds and only some of my clothes were fitting right.  Shirts bulging, pants pinching, and feeling depressed about the whole thing.  I started watching what I eat by using a calorie counter online.  My friend Grace also had a competition to see who could lose the most by New Years.  From July until today I have reached down as far as 195 pounds.  I want to lose at least 15 more pounds or more to get me down to my college weight or below.  I would also like to put on some more muscle mass as well.
  2. Write more.  I will be more consistent with this blog in the new year.  I am not sure of the schedule yet, but it will be three or four days a week instead of trying to do it everyday or hit and miss. I want to make this blog a money maker for me and my wife.  I am not sure exactly how to do that, but I want to learn how.  I also want to write some more American History / Government books for children.  Possibly submit them to a publisher.
  3. Invest more.  My dad gave me a book several years ago that I finally read called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” by Robert Kiyosaki.  It totally changed my perspective on money in this day and age.  I then read “The Millionaire Maker” by Loral Langemeier.  I have continued to read more on financial literacy.  I want to take some money and invest it to make more money in passive income for my family.  I know its doable.
  4. Move to back to the Midwest.  This would involve finding a job back in that area.  I am going to send out more resumes to Lutheran high schools and fill out applications for as many Illinois school districts as I can.  I want to get out of this city.  No offense to those born and raised in Vegas, but its not for me, Katie or Samantha.
  5. Eliminate debt.  Within the next month the car will be paid off.  The credit card is next.  We have paid a ton of money to our debt in the last 18 months.  Its time to eliminate most of  it.  Possibly pay more off on our student loans.

What are your new years resolutions?  Please feel free to share.