Another great day for news.  So lets begin.

This week Comedy Central fully censored South Park for its use of a characterization and the use of the name Muhammad, the prophet of the Islamic faith.  The main reason behind this censorship was that Islamic organizations in the U.S. and abroad threatened the life of the producers of the show.  Welcome to life under Sharia Law!  This happened on “South Park” several years ago when they tried to make fun of “Family Guy.”  My real question is why do we kowtow down to these these violent extremists?  I wish I had an answer.  Where is the line in the sand for our nation, when we say “Screw you, we will say what we want about your religion and your people, and your prophet.  If you don’t like it then go ahead and try and attack us again.  If you do, we will hunt every single extremist down, kill you all until all that is left are those that want to live in peace with the rest of the world.”  We need to take a lesson from President Thomas Jefferson.  These Islamic extremist were attacking our ships and other European nations for years after the Revolution.  The U.S. paid tribute several times.  Finally he sent the U.S. Navy and Marines over to Tripoli and wiped out their base of operations.  Didn’t hear from them again in 1993.  I maybe wrong on this but I am sick of the freedom of expression in the world being dictated by some people who just don’t know how to take a joke.

The Christian Science Monitor has discovered that the Tea Party Movement is actually a peaceful movement.  So much so that police have found they can relax their standards when they hold an event.  This information flies in the face of everything the liberal media says about the movement.  We are violent, and seditious racists who want to kill Democrats and being compared to the Timothy McVeigh.  While there are some nut jobs in the movement (I saw a 9/11 Truther at one event and asked him to leave.), that is not the majority of the people who are part of this movement.  The movement, as I have said before, is about two principles 1) Limited government under the Constitution 2) government fiscal responsibility.  I have not heard any speakers of the movement or those who support it like Rush, Beck, Hannity or other conservative commentators advocate the use of violence in our protests.  In fact, Glenn Beck just ask all of his listeners to commit to a nonviolence pledge that was used by Martin Luther King, Jr. in his campaigns during the Civil Rights movement.  As a person who has been to several events, none of them have been violent against any of our elected officials or the president.  There is not racism that can be seen in the vast majority of the people.  It would be interesting to compare the protests of the tea party to that of the anti-war protesters during the Bush administration and Vietnam.

Questions?  Comments?