Sorry again for the long haitus.  I am not sure why I have not written, but I have a bunch of articles today for comment.  Please feel free to send me ideas, news articles or other things you would wish me to discuss in this forum.  Teachers, I welcome guest spots on the My Perfect School posts.  Give me your curriculum for specific or general subjects and I will post them as a guest writer to this blog.  Anyway, enjoy!


These two articles compares the news coverage of our current and past present, George W. Bush.  The first, mentions how protesters against the Iraq War were covered versus the Tea Party Protests.  In the second, Chris Matthews of MSNBC criticizes Rush Limbaugh and other hosts for calling the Obama Administration a regime, when in the eight years of the Bush Administration the same person used the same term 6,769 times from July 1, 2001 to the present.  What bothers me the most out of all these stories is the true hypocrisy of those on the left both in politics and in the news media that supports them.  They call us racists and violent, when they are the ones who threw eggs at the Tea Party Express on March 27th in Searchlight, NV.  It was the SEIU who attacked people at town hall meetings last summer.  It was Nancy Pelosi and other prominent democrats that suggest that it is patriotic and acceptable to question any administration, and then call those standing up to the government, Nazis (They do not understand that Nazi are actually politically closer to what they represent than the classic liberals in the conservative movement.).  This just makes me sick to my stomach. 

It just reminds me of the big lie theory.  Tell a big enough lie long enough and eventually people will believe it.  The lie that is being spouted now is how all Tea Party Protesters are racist, biogots and violent, when there is not evidence to support such facts.  Yet when Glenn Beck or Limbaugh or any other talk show host proves with facts, and quotes who these people are, then they call them names and are ridiculed.  That is the favorite tactic of the left.  If you can’t win the argument, call them opposition names.

This article goes into details of how the Tea Party movement is not in all honestly linked with any political party or group.  It is not a part of the GOP or any party.  It is a movement that has two goals:  1)  return the Constitution back to its rightful place as the law of the land.  2)  fiscal responsibility of our government.  Both are actually very interconnected.  I saw another story addressing the fact that 40% of the members of the Tea Party Movement are Independents and Democrats.  The rest identify as Republicans or with no party at all.  As a Tea Party follower I am warry of the GOP and any politician looking to profit out of this movement.  And there are a lot of them out there, like Newt Gingrich, Freedom Works, and others.  They have been trying over the last year to co-opt the people into their causes when that is not what they Tea Parties are all about.

This story deals with another aspect of the housing crisis we still find ourselves in at this time.  Basically the government will give  people $3,000 to move out of their houses and take a short sale (selling the house for less than it is worth or that you paid for it.)  Basically we are subsidizing people to give up on the responsibilities they have when they signed the mortgage papers for that house.  Does anyone take responsibility any more?  Maybe I should just default on my debt and hope someone will bail me out? 

So basically in this story the Obama Administration tells the entire world that we will not use nuclear weapons against another country, even in self-defense.  Also we are drastically reducing our nuclear arsenal for the whole world to see.  Obama obviously does not know how to play poker.  You don’t tell you opponent what cards you have and how your are going to bet.   You can’t win that way.  This is dangerous to America and its citizens.  The threat of nuclear weapons is a clear and present danger to all nations wanting to challenge the U.S. or take us down.  Since we are the only nation to ever use them against another country they know we have them and are willing to use them.  This is just dangerous.