One subject I have failed to broach in the subject of my perfect school is the disciplinary system.  I will address several issues related to that topic.

As stated before there will be a manager responsible for managing the disciplinary issues related to student in the school.  Students sent out of class according to the teacher’s progressive discipline plan and their rules will go to this office.  The teacher will be required to fill out an incident report as soon as possible for the crime committed by the student.  The student may choose to write their own incident report to be added to the teacher’s report.  This can be done immediately or upon the reception of the teacher’s report.  The discipline manager then will contact the parent regarding the behavior in class.  If need be they will set up and appoint to meet with the parent and the student about the class behavior.  They teacher may be included in this meeting.  Discipline will not be meted out until these steps have been satisfied.

What is the discipline you speak of?  Instead of using detention the school will implement a community service reparation program to discipline students for bad behavior.  A student can be assigned a specific number of community service hours to complete as their punishment or discipline for their bad behavior.  The idea is to make the student give back or better the community in response to their behavior.  The discipline manager will assign community service for any breach of the school rules, observed by any member of the staff or faculty.  The teachers or staff will submit reports or escort students to the discipline office for the behavior in question.  I want it to go through the discipline office so that their is consistency in the disciplinary procedures of the school.

Teachers are expected to successfully implement a progressive discipline plan, approved by the Discipline manager, in their class.  They can use community service as well as part of their plans, but it must be included as part of their progressive discipline plan, spelled out in course expectations and give to students and parents.  Either way the forms will be routed through the Discipline office to record the amount of hours completed by all the students.

Being Late the Class.  God this is the biggest hassle for me as a teacher.  The key with this procedure is to make is simple and easy to follow.  Students deemed late the class or tardy will be automatically assigned one hour of community service for each tardy.  They teachers will have simple quarter sheet forms to give the student upon their late arrival into class.  The student will get one copy and the other will be given to the Discipline Office.  The teacher is expected to record this in the attendance program as well, but this serves as the student’s reminder and proof of the rule infraction.

Electronic Devices.  They have some use inside the school building but not much.  My though  is that if a parent needs to reach a student they can call the school.  All phones will be confiscated by school police prior to students entering the building.  To get back the device students would be required to pay a fee; five dollars seems reasonable to me.  If a student pays the fine they may get it back at the end of the day.  Also they may make arrangements with the school police to complete community service hours to pay off the fine. 

That leads to another part of school discipline.  Students may do community service to “work off” any fines that they have incurred over the course of the grading period and/or school year.  Students who fail to pay off all their fines by the end of the school year will not have grades released to them or their parents until they are paid.  If a student transfers the school will not send transfer grades until the fines are paid.  A student may be removed from school for failure to pay fines before the start of the next school year or grading period.

A student’s behavior justifies a suspension of several days then they will be given the choice of several community organization with which they can donate their time.  The school will expect them to report to one of those organizations the day of the suspension.  A student whose behavior justifies expulsion will be removed from school immediate.  If the parents and student wish to appeal the decision they may do so to the Committee of the Whole (the whole faculty) at their next staff meeting.  The teachers will then examine the evidence and determine if the student will be welcome back to the school or uphold the expulsion.

I am sure there is a whole host of other issues I could address in this post but I will leave it at this today.  I welcome all comments and questions on this system.  Thanks for reading and have a nice day.