A number of news articles from the last few days that deserve comment.  So here we go.

The FCC (Federal Communication Commission) is planning on expanding using its power as a federal regulatory agency to spread broadband access across the United States, primarily into rural area.  I again must age old question.  Under what authority of the U.S. Constitution can the FCC force the spread of broadband access?  They can’t.  The FCC is a borderline unconstitutional body that regulates what people can and cannot say on television and radio broadcasts, in direct violation of the 1st Amendment.  It is not the job of the federal government to provide this service to the citizens.  You might be able to make the argument that state and local governments could force companies to provide access, as long as their state constitutions allow for the regulation of utilities.  I know this may leave some people out in the cold for not getting faster internet in their homes, but if they decided to put it in, what is to stop them from regulating the information going through those lines.  The whole concept of, I paid for it so I get to choose what you use it for.

So the Nanny State itself, New York City, is planning on banning the use of salt in restaurants.  Really?  Really?  Does anyone know that we do need salt to live?  Ever heard the phrase, “the man is worth his salt?”  It was used because that is how Roman Soldiers were often paid, in salt.  It is a useful mineral that preserves food and makes it taste better too.  This is just another example of the nanny state run amok.  I am sick and tired of the government telling me what things I can and can’t do or have because it might be dangerous for myself.  Or telling me I have to do this “for the children.”  First they tax the crap out of cigarette smokers.  Then they go after trans fats and soda.  Now its salt.  What’s next?  Limiting my TV time?  Forcing me to exercise? We are doing all these things for the children, but its making us all children to increasingly oppressive governments (State and local are involved in this too).

This is not so much of a news story but a blog posting of Sean Hannity.  It lists the 102 most wasteful uses of ARRA (American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009), otherwise know as the stimulus package.  I wish I could say I am surprised by the amount of money our government wastes, but I am not.  These wasteful uses are just the tip of the iceberg.  Every congressman and woman each year submits pet projects like these to the government as earmarked appropriations.  They typically show up on appropriations bills.  Every year we waste close to $18 billion on this type of spending.  Its time for the current President, and all of them in future, to grow some balls and flex that veto power for this wasteful spending.

There is also a second story I might comment on during this analysis.  So ABC news has found out that some restraining orders are not very effective at stopping harassment.  In fact, sometimes they non enforcement of them sometimes results in the death of the people who went to the courts for help.  This is just another reason why the right of the people to bear arms should not be infringed.  The police are the to protect and serve, but even they cannot get to a house in time, all the time.  When the only thing that stands between you and your assailant is the police, you are placing way to much trust for your safety in another government organization.  This is one reason why the second amendment exists, so that law abiding citizens can protect themselves from those who would want to harm our life, liberty and property.  Also, in Vegas, a man has been arrested for shooting at two men who were trying to jack his truck.  I pray the district attorney drops the charges against the man.  Or if he is put on the jury nullifies law and declares him not guilty.

As always I welcome your comments and/or questions.