Another big day for news commentary.  A few articles to get done and not a lot of time to do it.  So here we go.

This story write about how top Republican lawmakers are pushing for the U.S. military to stop the military court martial trials of three Navy SEALS.  Their crime, punching a suspected plotter of an insurgent attack on the Blackwater USA military contractors.  Their bodies were burned, dragged through the street and then hung from a bridge.  Even if he did not do these things, he is a terrorists.  If a punch in the nose is all he got when we was captured by our Navy Seals, he should be grateful.  I am sure any one of those men were more than willing to put a bullet in his head.  A larger issue at stake is why would our military believe anything our enemies tell them.  Should they not believe our soldiers first?  Also, the terrorists know that if they claim abuse that the media will be all over the news condemning these soldiers.  We are fighting against an extremist group of religious zealots who kill themselves to hurt us.  They show no mercy to us.  Why should be give them any quarter?  This leads me to the next story, again related to our military conflict or war with radical Islamic extremists.

This story focuses in on the fact that President Obama is starting to back off of the suggestion that some terrorist being held at our base at Guantanamo Bay need to be subject to our criminal justice system.  I have not avoided this topic but have not found the time to write about it until today.  KSM and other terrorist should be tried by military courts or tribunals.  Here are the reasons why.

First, they are not criminals, they are members of an  organized military organization.  They are defined as enemy combatants because they are not linked to any one single nation.  In the 1940s when Germany dropped off non-uniformed soldiers on Long Island, those captured were tried in military tribunals, not our criminal courts.  Secondly, there is no way they can get a fair trial in the U.S.  Let me count the ways.  First, they have confessed to being involved in specific plots against the U.S., but those confessions were coerced, though they have also made them in open court before military courts.  According to criminal law a coerced confession is not admissible in trial.  Also, the methods use to gain intelligence and evidence on these men would also not hold up in an American criminal trial.  So, there is no real evidence that can be admitted to any U.S. criminal court.  Thirdly, there is not a jury in the entire U.S. that would be be unbiased against them.  It has nothing to do with them being Muslims and everything to do with the giant hole in the ground they left behind.  This moves me on to the next story.

Anyone who has really studied the religion of Islam is not surprised by this story.  I post it so that we can all realize against whom we are fighting against.  We are fighting against a religious people who favor killing and conquest as their method of evangelism.  Look at your history books; Islam was nothing until the idea of Jihad entered the religion.  They spread it all across the middle east, northern Africa, Turkey, the Balkan peninsula, and Spain using military might.  And if you did not convert, you were killed.  Now I do not think all Muslim, especially many who come to the U.S. are going to ask me to convert or be killed.  In fact most of them came here because we offer them the choice to worship as they please.  But there are people in this country who are Muslim that want to change this nation.  The Muslim leaders around the world do believe us to be the “Great Satan” and are at war with us whether we like it and accept it or not.

Back after World War I, Turkey (called the Ottoman Empire at the time) killed a lot of ethnic Armenians in the Balkan peninsula.  The Congress has decided, again, to condemn the actions of turkey during that time (they first passed this resolution in 2007 when the democrats they first took control of the U.S. House).  This is just a complete waste of time.  The U.S. government condemning a nation over something that was done close to 100 years ago by a government and people who are no longer alive or active.  What purpose does it serve?  Turkey should make a point and condemn the U.S. for driving native Americans off of their lands, and over 300+ years of slavery.  There are other things that other could condemn as well from our past.  I guess the lesson learned here is “Those with glass houses should not throw stones.”

There was one more story to comment on but the link disappeared.  It explained how Sen. John Kerry wants to end the discrimination against homosexuals from giving blood.  I can get behind that idea.  The main reason the ban was instituted was because of GRIDS (Gay Related Immuno-Deficient Syndrome) or what we call today, HIV-AIDS.  It was thought to be only part of the gay community so they were denied to privilege to give blood so it would not spread to others.  Today there are so many tests that our blood is run through before it goes into another person that it really does not matter who gives.  So what’s the big deal.

I was going to also comment on the story of the young woman in San Diego who was raped and killed by a convicted and released sex offender.  I have decided to save my thoughts on that for another posting related to the death penalty.  As always your comments and suggestions are welcome.