Another interesting day in the news.  So lets get to it.

Chicago has one of the strictest gun bans in the entire U.S. Basically a citizen may not own or possess any firearm, handgun or automatic weapons inside the city limits of Chicago.  Last year the Supreme Court ruled in District of Columbia v. Heller, that the second amendment guarantees the individual the right to own and possess firearms.  This did not immediately strike down restrictive gun laws at the state or local level because D.C. is a federal territory under the control of Congress.  So the NRA and other gun rights activists brought the city of Chicago to court on the same grounds.  Here is the debate with the 2nd Amendment:  Should regular law abiding citizens be prevented and prosecuted for own, possessing and using firearms in the defense of their life, liberty or property?  Discuss.

Senator Bunning from Kentucky is pulling off a one man filibuster in the Senate (Former students define filibuster in your own words.)  He is holding up the passage of a bill that would extend unemployment benefits for those out of work.  He reasoning?  We don’t have $10 billion to pay for this bill.  I am glad someone is standing up for principles of fiscal responsibility.  Also since when is it the job of the federal government to provide unemployment benefits to people out of work?  Where in the Constitution do you find ANY authorization?  It’s the states who take money for unemployment insurance.  Its their job to provide the determination of how long benefits should last.  You know I feel for the people who are out of work, but giving them more money is not the answer.  They need to get off their butts and find jobs, even if its “below them” to work at Walmart, Target or even McDonald’s.

This is not so much an article but a feature on about nine teachers who are still being paid while being convicted of crimes.  This is the biggest argument I can make against tenure and teacher’s unions.  How can the state and districts justify to the tax payers paying accused criminals money out of the state coffers.  It just makes me sick.  What I find even more interesting is each of the individuals is accused of a sex crime against children.  How do these people get into and stay in this system?  Seriously!

I welcome comments, questions, discussion and debate on all of these topics.  Feel free to leave a note.  Have a great day  (SIDENOTE:  I am not in any trouble regarding the racist incident last week.  The school administration is handling it now.)