Another interesting day for news.  So lets get started

This is my school!  I know Faith won several state championships when I was a teacher there, but I was a middle school teacher and didn’t know any of the athletes.  I currently have three basketball players on the team.  I feel so proud for them.  Not just because of their success on the court but in the classroom.  Curtis, Adrian and Davion are excellent students as well.  Two of them are in my honors Government class earning top marks.  The other is in my Street Law elective.  Good job and good luck tonight.

Because of the ban on minarets, sort of like a steeple on an Islamic mosque, a Muslim leader declared a jihad, holy war, Switzerland and its people.  You know, if Muslims did not over react to every thing about their faith then maybe they would have more advocates in the world.  Every time someone says something against the faith, its leaders or even looks at them wrong, they want to kill them.  This is not the vast majority of Muslims, especially those in the U.S., because many of them came here to get away from the for us or against us mentality of Islam.  The problem is that their holy book, the Koran, does tell them to kill all infidels, which basically is anyone who is not a Muslim.  That scares most people, just like when fundamentalist Christians talk about stoning gays and adulterers.  Muslims its time to stop listening to those extremists and speak out against them.  Christians its time to do the same thing against the extreme bigots in our faith.  I understand what the Bible says about certain behaviors, but we need to love the sinner, hate the sin.  Being a stupid bigot never won anyone over to the faith.

So this school did a full school simulation of living in East Germany to honor the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Simulations are always great ways of teaching material to students.  They almost never forget the experience.  What I think is so great is how real they got it and to the truth of the matter.  Yea for teaching the truth of the Iron Curtain.  If Communism was so great why did millions of people risk life and limb to get over the Wall, and flee to Western Europe and the U.S.? 

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