Sorry to my loyal readers for a lack of a post yesterday.  I got home and instantly got to celebrating with my wife the date of her birth.  It was a good night for all.  We went to Famous Dave’s for dinner, shared cake with the family and her twin sister, and then just veged on the couch for the rest of the evening watching tv shows on spies and doctors.  But today’s it back to the grind of writing for my readers.  A couple of news stories today that I want to call your attention too.

So yesterday a deranged anti-government individual flew his plane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas.  The crux of the article is whether or not this “lone wolf” attack was a terrorist attack.  I like how Fox news gets opinions from both sides on this issues, from both a liberal (Center for American Progress) and conservative (Heritage Foundation) think tanks.  I guess the fair and balanced part of their news reporting is not entirely untrue.  But both sides and the White House agreed that it should not be labeled a terrorist attack until the appropriate investigation had been completed.  What irks me is how quickly the main stream media and others called it domestic terrorism and related this gentleman to Timothy McVeigh.  BUT when Major Hassan in Fort Hood has multiple contacts with Al Queda operatives and extremist Muslim clerics and jihadists, there is no way it could possibly be a terrorist attack of any kind.  It just seems to me we are trying to appease this backwards thinking, civil rights abridging, violent religious sect.  Let’s call a spade a spade no matter what we think on the issue or people.

The President finally sat down with fellow Nobel Peace Prize winner, the spiritual and political leader of the Chinese occupied province of Tibet.  China was none to happy about this.  You see they took over Tibet in the 1950s.  The Dhali Lama can not even go back because he will likely be imprisoned and killed by the Chinese government.  This is the danger of our out of control debt.  China hold a lot of power over our heads by controlling so much of our debt.  In fact they started selling it off, possibly as punishment for this meeting.  What’s next? Them requesting that we leave Iran alone since they get a large amount of their oil from them.  Or maybe allow their military ships to dock in our ports.  Or just stop the CIA from having operations in China.  The same situation was true when J.P Morgan bailed out the U.S. Government TWICE!  The U.S. government made it a point to pay him back ASAP because they did not one individual to have that much power over the government.  It is the same idea with our debt to other nations.  It is dangerous.  Also we are close to having our national debt be equal too if not more than our yearly Gross Domestic Product.  So we owe as much as we make in a single year, as a nation.  Scary stuff.

Thanks for reading.  Hope you have a great weekend.  The next lesson on the U.S. Constitution will be up tomorrow as scheduled.