Another rapid fire news day.  This seems to be a preferred format since I can briefly comment on several stories each day.  Also, if there is a juicy story that requires a longer post I can do that as well so here… we… go.

From the AP we hear that public schools are facing more and larger cuts this year.  The main reason: government spending from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 has now run out.  So now schools have to do with less than before.  My own district is suffering with having to make around $100 million cuts for the next school year.  The Superintendent has allowed us to email suggestions to his office.  I have already done so and told the students to send me ideas to send to him. 

The fact of the matter is that government spending made the problems worse.  Now deeper cuts have to be made to offset the money given last year.  Throwing money at the problem never solves it, it just makes the solution harder to find since the money briefly filled the hole.  It is time of public education to take a serious look at its bureaucratic structure and eliminate all the unnecessary waste.  I don’t hear of very many private schools going out of business.  The main reason could be that they don’t rely on government money to make ends meet so they have to justify each expenditure wisely.  There are too many bureaucrats in most large public school districts.  There are too many under qualified and over paid consultants and administrators who do not do anything to improve students education.  Cuts need to begin there not at the school level. 

On a second note, the superintendent of the Clark County School District complimented the fact that there are now 38 more empowerment schools in the district.  An empowerment school has more freedom to address issues important to that community.  Now someone tell me why all the schools in CCSD are not empowerment.  Education needs to be dealt with and supported by the community and parents.  Unfortunately not enough care anymore, at least at my school.  Moving on.

Coming straight from the horse’s mouth is the fact that there has not been global warning in 15 years.  I thought if we were the sole cause of Anthropomorphic Global Warming (AGW) then our continued buring of green house gasses the earth’s temperature would continue to clime.  I guess not.  I have not really ever addressed AGW on my blog so here is a first.  Here are my major issues with the climate change crowd. 

First, climate change happens, with or without human interaction.  There were vast changes to the climate before the burning of greenhouse gases, so how do we know WE are the ones causing it?

Second, climatologists have often threatened science magazine and journals to not publish works by their critics and then criticize when the critics have no publish works.  Why the gestapo tactics if your are correct?

Thirdly, the pure hypocrisy of the true believers.  Many of them say we need to make changes to the way we live but don’t make any changes themselves.  They want to cap emissions but they have a larger carbon footprint than anyone else on the planet.  Something interesting I saw years ago was a comparison of Gore’s and Bush’s houses.  President Bush’s house in Texas was heated by geothermal systems and powered by solar.  To compare Gore burns a significant amount of green house gasses to power his house.  Also, I love the quote of then Senator Obama saying we can’t run our thermostats at 72 degrees if we want, but he keeps the White House super cold so that people must wear sweaters, while I pay the bill.  I think they calculated that all the travel to Coopenhagen would burn more green house gases than sixty developing nations.  It’s a practice of do as I say, not as I do.  That right there is the biggest argument for why I fight against this scare science tactics.

Ok what is going on with President Biden’s motorcade?  This is the third accident in a year for his motorcade.  Someone needs to see what they heck is going on. 

That’s all the news for today.  Have a great day.