So I missed Friday, and never posted anything additional on Saturday.  Sorry to my loyal readers that I missed a day.  Since yesterday was St. Valentine’s Day, I have something I will share with the world at large.  I wrote this for my wife and gave it to her yesterday.

    Our Story, Thus Far
    By:  Adam J. Bulava

    On the occasion of our first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife

You made the first move, and did it real smooth.
Though I had my head shaved, you saw I was well behaved.
When the first movie we saw was so bad, but I sang the song by Santan(a)
Auditioning made you very nervous, though I thought you did fabulous.
Driving in the dark of night, with the gold coins forever in our sight.
Church on Good Friday, which reminded you of being Catholic on Sunday.
Meeting my best friend and mother, being glad I didn’t meet another.
Trip to Chicago at Thanksgiving, to know my family was only the beginning.
Four days at Christmas making you cry, just because you didn’t want to say goodbye.
A week on the plains with family and friends, wishing those days would never end.
A wedding and Star Wars in St. Paul, on our own with no one to call.
Buying a ring to put on your finger, while you were drunk hoping you would remember
Learning to dance while planning our day, making lots of decisions along the way.
Invites and dress, tuxes and a shower, waiting and waiting for that one hour.
Looking down the aisle seeing you in white, marriage with your friend finally in sight.
Saying I will and kissing my best friend, our feet hurt so bad we wanted it to end.
Honeymoon in Cali spending our time at the zoo, seeing everything anew.
Moving to our brand new home, finding a brother for our kitty who was all alone.
Starting a search for the next chapter in our life, searching for jobs in the Midwest in the Heights.