I saw this article today regarding a strategy of Chinato punish the United States for our actions.  I thought it was necessary to comment on it considering they own a lot of our debt in the form of U.S. bonds.

The basic premise behind this article is that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China are offering an option to punish the United States for selling arms to the disputed island nation of Taiwan.  The PLA is the national army of China.  The U.S. sold weapons to Taiwan and China is pissed since China considers Taiwan a break away province of mainland China.  There is other mentions of reorganizing Chinese military in light of these sales but its not the point I want to make.

Our debt and out of control spending is the largest threat to our national security and sovereignty.  Glenn Beck highlighted the problem with being bailed out on his show last week.  Please ignore the messanger and listen to the message.  He speaks truth whether you love him or hate him.

It was dangerous for the U.S. to be in debt to a single citizen.  It is even more dangerous for the U.S. to be in debt to other nations.  If China or any other debt holder of the U.S. does not like our actions they could just ask for a refund on the bonds, or sell them off to someone else.  They can have a huge impact on our nation’s security and sovereignty by holding our debt.  We already have told the CIA to back of operations in China.  Why?  They are one of the biggest threats against us.  They attack the networks of U.S. companies and government agencies on a daily basis.  They are not our friends; they are our begrudging debt holders.

I am not trying to lay blame for any of this on Obama or Bush or even Clinton.  Deficit spend has been the norm since before FDR.  Government deficits are predicted to be in $700 billion in ten years from now.  It is time for the U.S. government to set an example and learn how to live within its means.  Cut unnecessary programs, agencies, and organizations.  Cut the salaries and staffs of all elected and appointed officials.  Return solvency to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, then find a way to end these socialist programs once and for all.  Return welfare programs back to the states and local communities.  Stop spending money on programs that are not constitutional.  Balance the budget and take any surplus to pay down our debt.

This is the basic message of the Tea Party movement.  This is not tied to any political party, race or creed.  It’s about returning to the principles of our Constitution and bring fiscal responsibility back to our governments.  That is why I am a proud member of the Tea Party movement.  That is why all of us should be.