Another entry in the my perfect school category for today.  Today I would like to focus specifically on the grading scale at my perfect school, meaning what is an A, B, C, D, and/or F.

At my perfect school there would only be three letter grades: A, B, and C.  If any student got lower than a C they would not get credit for the class, basically an F.  There would also be slight changes to the percentage ranges and the GPA scales.  An “A” in my school would be from ninety-five percent and above.  If an A is exceptional work the percentage range should be smaller.  A “B” at my school would be eight to ninety-four percent.  A “C” at my perfect school would fall between a sixty-five and seventy-nine percent.  Anything below a sixty-five percent would earn a student no credit or an “F.”  I eliminated the “D” letter grade because most students who earn a “D” did not learn the know the information or could not show that they were proficient at the information.  They are “emergent,” as one teacher told me.  The fact of the matter is though, a D student should not possibly pass a class.  A teacher once told me that a “D” is an “F” the teacher was to afraid to give (I don’t think I give grades, but its a good analogy here.).

There would also need to be an adjustment to the grade point average (GPA) scale.  I am not sure exactly how it would break down but an “A” would be 3.5 and above.  A “B” would be between 2.5 and 3.5.  A “C” would be between 1.0 and 2.5.  A person earning no credit would not be given a GPA score.  I am not sure if these break downs are accurate for equality purposes but they will work for now.  The person’s GPA would then be factored by their final percentage grades in any given class.  We could also just average the percentage grades of all their classes and determine their GPA from that percentage.  Any student taking an honors or AP class would receive a boost to their GPA of .25 grade points for just that class.  Also any student earning above one hundred percent in any class would have their GPA adjusted accordingly as well, probably .01 grade points for each percentage point above one hundred.  With some classes being pass/fail classes I not sure how I will factor those grades and credits into a students GPA.  I am sure there is some way colleges do it, but I am not sure. 

If any one has any idea comment or questions on this system please let me know.  Thanks for listening and have a nice day.