There have been no really good news stories that I have felt like commenting on recently.  I think I might need to find some additional government and/or education topics I can write about to fill in these dry news periods.  If anyone has any ideas of what I should write about send me a email or a comment.

Today’s post deals with a school dress code.  Personally I think that they are a great idea, for both teachers and students several reasons.  First is the issue of security.  With standardized attire, as its called in the Clark County School District, you can instantly tell a student from an outsider.  Secondly, it does take away the need of students to dress up for each other.  It can can help eliminate the status symbols that clothes have become to our kids and society.  Thirdly, they just look nice.

As I look at most websites of schools I see that their dress codes are extremely long and detailed.  As I have stated before any regulations from a government body need to be simple, concise and easy to understand.  The longer you make the law and the more details and exceptions you build into the law the harder you make it to enforce.  Here is the regulations for the student dress code of my perfect school:

Students are required to adhere to following clothing guidelines during the scheduled school day.
1.    Students are required to wear properly fitting khaki pants, school polo shirts and close toed shoes, that are clean and in good repair.
2.    Students are allowed to wear jeans and/or non-polo school pride shirts on Fridays.
3.    All shirts must be tucked into their pants, which must be worn at the top of the hips.
4.    Student wearing excessive, distracting and/or dangerous jewelry, accessories and/or hair styles may be asked to remove or change them.

    Students out of dress code will be fined by the school for each individual infraction of the dress code.  These fines will be added to the student’s record and must be paid by the end of each grading period.  Students may be asked to change clothes and/or leave after school events if the faculty or staff feel the clothes are inappropriate.

 Simple and easy to enforce.

I believe it is also important for teachers to have a clear and reasonable dress code as well.  As a professional job and career it is time teacher look like them.  I have seen teachers wear jean on a daily basis.  I have see teachers wear sports jerseys and other things that are completely inappropriate in our professional lives.  I am not suggesting teachers should wear shirts, ties, dress pants and shoes every day,but there needs to be a higher standard for our standard dress as teachers.  Listed below is my idea of a goo general dress code regulation for teacher in my perfect school

    All faculty and staff must be dressed in professional attire during the contracted school day.  They are required to wear professional pants/skirts of an appropriate and modest length.  They must wear collared shirts or blouses.  All clothes must be clean and in good repair.  Faculty and staff are allowed to wear jeans and school spirit shirts, as they choose, on Fridays during the school year. Teachers

This regulation is very vague and probably needs to be appropriately fleshed out to a few standardized rules of dress, but its the best I have right now.  I welcome any suggestions and comments from my readers.

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