Its time once again for the annual state of the union address to be made by the President to a joint session of Congress and televised to the nation and the world.  In celebration of this annual occasion of the our nation I will present my State of the Union address, that is if I was President today.

Before I begin this evening, I would ask all members sitting in the House chambers to hold their applause until the end of the speech.

My fellow Americans, I come to you today to report on the state of our union and our union is weakened by many crisis but remains strong and vigilant. But the financial stability of this government and our country calls for drastic and clear cut action.  This is my goal this year and into the future of my term as President.

In the next few weeks, I will send to Congress for their approval, the budget for our national government.  This budget will include drastic cuts to many federal bureaucracies and programs.  I instructed the heads of every major executive department and/or agency, within my power, to cut their annual budgets by ten to twenty percent.  What this means in the big picture is many programs will be cut.  It is time that this government learn to get by with less.  The time for billion and trillion dollar deficits is over; the time for fiscal responsibility starts right here and right now tonight. 

Along with this cut in federal spending I will ask the members of this esteemed body of legislators to stop using the federal government to fund pet projects with in their state.  I will not sign any bill out of this Congress with ANY earmarked appropriations.  I also encourage this esteemed body of legislators to pass reforms on the pay, benefits and privileges of all federal employees, including themselves.  And to stop more spending tax payer dollars so that you can go to summit half way across the world.

On top of the savings we will have from cuts in the budget and getting rid of earmarked appropriations, I will save even more money.  I have removed all direct foreign aid in this years up coming budget.  It is time the money entrusted to us by the tax payers be used to help themselves not a third world dictator or another country half way around the world.  This in and off itself will save us hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

Also, on the way to Congress is a legislative plan, created by myself and the greatest political minds of this country, to cut the size and scope of the executive branch of our government.  I would ask Congress to their immediate attention.  This plan seeks to eliminate, from our government, any agency, program and/or bureaucracy that does not stand up to Constitutional muster and the original intent of the men who wrote our Constitution.  Among these reforms will be the combining of several executive departments and the complete elimination of others.

Any and all savings produced by these reforms will be spent in several ways.  First, to shore up our over burdened entitlement programs of social security, medicare and medicaid.  This is to bring them back into financial solvency, until such time as they can be eliminated from the the government entirely.  Over the course of the next year I will work with members of Congress, and some of the brightest financial minds in the world to create a plan to limit and/or eliminate the aforementioned entitlement programs.  They have cost us too much money for too long of a time.  It’s time for the waste stop.

Second, to pay off our mounting national debt.  Right now the United States owes different nations of the world more than twelve trillion dollars.  Does anyone know how much a trillion dollars is?  Well here’s an example if you were to spend one hundred million dollars every day for two thousand years, you would still not come even close to one trillion dollars.  It is time for America to make good on it debt and pay off it note.  We are selling our future down the drain with this massive debt.

Three, to give back to the American people the money that they earned by the sweat of their brow.  I will make it a priority to give all Americans a tax cut so that they have more money to spend on what they need and what they want.  Along with this I will be working with the brightest minds of our IRS to create a real tax reform plan, to send to Congress, that not only simplifies the tax code, but ensure all Americans pay into the system which protects them on a daily basis.

My fellow Americans we in the government have work to do for you.  Its time for us to get busy.  God bless you all and may god bless theses United States.