So one news article, or maybe its a column I don’t know, caught my attention today. Here is the link:

So basically this story goes into all the claims made by the Obama Administration that their president would be one of the most transparent administration. Well that’s not so true. The author goes in great detail to show how even a meeting with the chief of transparency for the recovery programs is a closed meeting; no press allowed. As well as many other meetings that are closed to the press.

The bigger issues is that President Obama speaks out of both sides of his mouth in a lot of cases. He was against and attacked Sen. McCain’s tax on health insurance. There is now a tax on our health insurance in the proposed legislation. He said there would be no lobbists working in the White House. Only took eight days for them to break that and then recind the executive order. He wants to allow gays in the military (which I support by the way), but no that is also delayed. He fought against President Bush keeping guest logs to the White House as private but then defends the same practice when he is in office. He even broke a law that he cosponsored as the junior senator from Illinois, which technically could be an impeachable offense. You want more proof of his broken promises, go to this story by the AP: