Today I would like to comment on the story that broke this past weekend. The story below is from the local newspaper the Review-Journal.

I have several issues related to this news that I relate to you in no particular order

First, did Harry Reid lie? I would argue his statement, while entirely improper and filled with derogatory language is the truth. President Obama, senator at the time of the quote, is a light skinned black man since he was parented by an Kenyan and a white U.S. citizen. Also President Obama speaks very good English and does not use Ebonics or a black dialect of the English language to reach people. He is a example all of us should live up to and exemplify. So if Sen. Reid did not lie, then I have no real issue with what he said.

Secondly, while Sen. Reid did use a term that could be labeled racist its none of our business. The person who he was making the comment about accepted his apology. While I may not agree with the language he does have the freedom of speech and made amends for his actions. Also this was like 2 years ago, so it has little validity today. I don’t think Sen. Reid is racist.

The bigger issue in this whole news story is the hypocracy of the Democrats. If this had been a conservative or a member of the Republican Party (which is not always the same thing), the democrats would have been calling for guilty party’s head. He would have lost all power and position in Washington, D.C. The fact that both Sen. Reid and former President Clinton are both quoted with offensive material in the new book “Game Change.” Yet there is no outrage from the democrats shows them to be hypocrites in the worst way.

Lastly, Republicans and conservatives need to get off this issue, right now. To push it is only going to waste time and energy that could be better spent attacking the many wrong things Sen. Reid is doing as a Senator and majority. They should before the press daily about the nontransparent way this bill is being compromised on with Pelosi, Reid, and Obama. They should talk about how no senator has even seen or read the Senate health care bill that has been sitting on the majority leaders desk since it was written. They should be talking about how the procedures of the U.S. House and Senate are being subverted to pass a bill, polls say a majority of Americans do not want. To double on the hypocrisy from my previous point; the actions of Reid, Pelosi and Obama are exactly the same methods they complained about several years ago against the Republicans. They should lead by example.

Anyway, just this government teacher’s take on the news of the day.