With all the talk regarding health care in the last few weeks I decided to try and formulate my own. Now I do not believe health care is an issue that can be dealt with successfully at the national level. Due to the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution I feel states can do a better job of this than a broad national mandate. Here are the fundamental principles of my plan.

Required Employer Coverage
Employers must provide a all employees with a health insurance plan that has several coverage options (including dental and vision coverage) and the opportunity to opt out of the plan. Employers and employees will both contribute to the plan (the amount varies based on the coverage decided upon by the employee) but if a person decides to opt of of the plan they shall that money contributed by the employer will be returned to the employee as part of their general wag, to be taxed as usual. An employee can then use that money has he/she see fit, even putting that money towards the purchase of a different health care option that was not provided by the employer. If the employee uses that additional money towards health insurance outside of the employer’s plan(s) then that money will be tax deductible through the tax code.

Patient & Doctor Choice
Patients, along with their doctors, are the final decision makers on ALL medical decisions. No bureaucracy in ether the health insurance company, the government or the hospital administrators can refuse a patient treatment for their conditions. A patient should be allowed to see the doctor of their choice, at the hospital of their choice, for the treatment of their choice for their medical conditions. A doctor and hospital is there to diagnose and provide the range of options treatments for a patient. Patient decides on the path of their treatment.

Universal Coverage
A persona’s health insurance plan covers them across all health care forms of health care practitioners and all locations.

Premium Buy Back
A person who has purchased a health insurance plan via their employer or in the marketplace may be entitled to a return of their paid premiums if their claims do not equal the amount paid by the consumer. For example, I pay $15,000/year in my insurance premiums, but only make $1,000 worth of claims. At the end of my current policy term, I receive the difference in those premium payments and the claims against my policy.

Government Health Insurance
The government may but is not required provide an alternative health insurance plan for those who choose to opt out of employer plans or are unemployed, but must follow the same regulation as provided for private health insurance companies. People who choose to use the government plan(s) will have their premiums for their chosen plan(s) be deducted from their paychecks. Only those using the government option will pay for the government option. No tax dollars will be taken from other citizens to fund their health insurance.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits
All medical malpractice civil lawsuits against doctors shall be forwarded to an unbiased medical board to determine if the hospital or the doctors in question were liable for the death or issues at question in the lawsuit before being transferred to civil courts for litigation. The board must decide unanimously that the doctor or hospital was guilty of negligence in each case. Settlements or awards in medical malpractice lawsuits shall be limited to monetary damages to fix any negligent work of the doctor(s) and any time lost because of such negligence.

I am sure there are some issues I failed to address, but I a sure you all will bring them up and allow me a chance to deal with them. Thanks for listening and have a nice day.