What ticks me off most about the main stream media, but specifically the media outlets that have distinctly and unapologetically liberal in their bias is how they cover news. The main culprit is MSNBC. Every time I watch them it just ticks me off even more. From Rachel Maddow, Chris “Thrill up my leg” Matthews or Keith Olberman they all seem to follow the same pattern. If you don’t understand it, make fun of it. Don’t respond with arguments for your side, just tease and make fun and offer no analysis of the actual issue.

Now I will fully acknowledge that Fox News is a conservative news media outlet. But atleast they don;t just make fun of liberals. They debate with them and make talking points. They don’t just tease Obama they say exactly why they are wrong. Totally different attitude, response, and outcome. If you look at the news ratings Fox has the highest ratings of all news outlets and the highest rated commentary shows from Bill O’Reily to my favorite of Glenn Beck. The fact that they have such high ratings says something about their message and the projection of that message.

Adam J. Bulava