Here is my solution to the pirate problem in the Indian Ocean right now. Step #1 You move in a task force of the U.S. Navy and Marines; a few frigates, destroyers, aircraft carriers and patrol boats. You know enough to scare the crap out of these Islamic extremists. Step #2 The president gets on every single network and says that the pirates have 48 hours to return the captured ships and crews. If not every ship and port of call will be attacked by the U.S. military. Step #3 Wait 12 hours and then make a preemptive strike against all the pirate bases. I have a feeling when threatened they will start to kill and destroy all the people and ships in their possession, which is why you don’t wait until the end of the deadline. Send in the Marines, Navy Seals, and the Army Rangers to take out theses bases capturing those responsible and saving the lives of those captured. Step #4 Any captured pirates are hung by the neck from the end of an air craft carrier. That aircraft carrier is then driven up and down the Somalia coast for a week or two as an example to anyone else who wants to try and be a pirate again. Problem solved!

Why do you think the Iranians gave up the American hostages on THE DAY Regan became president in 1981? Because they knew he would come in and use all force necessary to get them back. You can’t negotiate with extremists they only understand and respect force. The U.S. has shown just how weak we are by negotiating with this scum. Who cares if we are not liked around the world. We never have been liked, but we have been respected. That is the more important of the two. Feel free to comment.

Adam J. Bulava