Ok during the summer I mentioned a political platform that I was writing. After a conversation with my brother I decided I will post it. I thought I could just attach a file but I don’t think this site lets me. So here it is in its entirety. Keep in mind this is a work in progress. I modify and change it from time to time. Enjoy!

My National Political Platform

Animal Rights
1. I do not believe animals have the same rights as human beings

2. I do not think animals raised for our consumption need to be treated inhumanely for the sake of profit. I support legislation that punishes companies that treat animals cruelly.

3. I do support animal testing for medical uses, but not for beauty products.

1. Passing legislation that punishes banks who give golden parachutes to CEO’s while their members lose their life savings

2. Disbanding the Federal Reserve Bank and putting its power and back in the hands of the banks to allow the free market to work.

3. Repealing the FIDC. but mandating that banks to have some form of depositor insurance on the deposits made in their bank.

1. Encourage the return of jobs back to the U.S. by:
a. Lowering taxes on American companies doing business and manufacturing in the U.S.
b. Raising tariffs on goods coming from other nations, even if they are an American company

2. Enforcing policy that makes companies and/or individuals to pay restitution to any and all individuals victims of fraud/damages by that company and/or its products.

3. Lowering corporate income tax to encourage growth and job creation.

Crime & Punishment
1. I support the use of all rehabilitation methods used by prison to encourage and deter convicted criminals from returning to a life of crime.

2. Probation and parole should only be given to those criminals who are sincerely repentant for their actions. The states should provide support to ensure they do not return to their life of crime.

1. I will instruct HUD and the Justice Department to investigate and prosecute all claims and forms of housing and lending discrimination.

2. I will instruct the Labor & Justice Departments to investigate and prosecute all claims and forms of discrimination in our work force.
3. Racial profiling must stop in the U.S. I will support any reasonable method used by the states to investigate and prosecute this practice of local law enforcement offices.

4. I will instruct the Education and Justice Department to investigate and prosecute all claims and forms of discrimination in our schools.

1. I support the rehabilitation of drug user before any jail time is given in a drug related crime.

2. Continued abusers will be sentences to prison and forced into a rehabilitation program inside during their incarceration.

1. I will greatly reduce the size of the Department of Education, by only keeping open those areas that are of a vital interest to the federal government.

2. Return control over the education system back to the states and local governments.

3. Work with the states to establish a set of standardize requirements for a voluntary national teacher license that will be valid in all 50 states.

4. Reward school states, townships, districts and/or school who make significant improvements to their schools through standards set up by the individual states, districts and/or schools. Several areas to show improvement
a. Graduation rates
b. Attendance rates
c. Standardized test scores
d. Students going to college

5. Work with both the NEA and AFT to create an objective system of merit pay for teachers for any school district that choose to implement it.

6. It is my goal to repeal the No Child Left Behind Act.

1. Encourage Congress to pass legislation to make the U.S. less dependent on foreign oil, several options include:
a. Allowing for more domestic drilling (ANWAR, off-shore)
b. Increasing standards of fuel efficiency in our vehicles
c. Rewarding companies who create practical clean alternatives fuels and power resources

2. If Congress should decide to not lift the ban on known reserves of domestic oil I will provide amnesty to the companies that will explore, drill and pump that oil.
3. Continue to aggressively fund research for alternative, renewable and/or practical fuel sources.

4. Investing all tax dollar from energy sources to develop and implement an advanced domestic energy grid
a. Money from taxes on the gas will go to car manufacturers in order to research technology for cars to become extremely fuel efficient or not dependent on gasoline or diesel.
b. Money from taxes on power companies will go to them to research the technology behind batteries to store excess energy produced by solar, wind and other forms of renewable but sometimes unreliable sources
c. Taxes also will go to investigate and implement the moving the majority of power lines from above ground towers to below ground lines to prevent massive power outages

1. Supporting all methods of gathering natural resources that protect the natural beauty of this nation.

2. Work to create cleaner alternative fuels that are practical for our nation. (See energy policy)

3. I do not support the unequal enforcement of the Kyoto Treaty.

4. I support the controlled burning of National Parks to prevent destructive wild forest fires.

Executive Branch Reform
1. Elimination and reforming of many executive departments that have grown to large, cumbersome or repetitive, some changes include:
a. Combination of the Departments of Labor and Commerce into one Executive department
b. Disbanding the Department of Homeland Security while moving many of the agencies to the DOD.
c. Including the Department of Veteran Affairs into the DOD, to create a better system of assistance to our Military Veterans.
d. Combining the Departments of Transportation and Interior
e. Elimination of the Department of Education since it does not have clear a constitutional basis for its implementation

2. Elimination or moving of several offices in the EOP, and independent agencies to department level positions.
a. OBM, CTCF, SEC, FTC, FDIC, moves to the Department of the Treasury

1. Providing benefits to homosexual and heterosexual families that stay faithful to each other and their children.

2. Provide educational resources to new and struggling families in a variety of areas

Foreign Trade
1. I will increase tariffs on ANY and ALL goods imported to the United States.

2. Any goods shipped to the U.S. that are below the standards required by the U.S. will have the following consequences:
a. Increased tarriffs to that country and/or company to cover the expenses of inspecting these products
b. Inspection of all goods from that country and/or company until proven up to U.S. standards.

3. Repeal all free trade agreements with other nations, but provide beneficial tariffs to allies and other nations.

Foreign Policy
1. All monetary and military assistance to countries will cease, unless the country or its problems are an eminent threat to the U.S. and its citizens.
a. The U.S. cannot solve the problems of the world by throwing money or the military at them
b. Encouraging non-profit organizations and American corporation to devote private fund to handle these problems and the making sure money is used wisely.

2. I will restrict my travel outside of the U.S. unless it is for something that is vitally important to our nation’s continued existence and/or prosperity.

3. I will act as a unbiased and impartial party to any countries willing to solve their problems diplomatically.

4. I will actively peaceful solutions to various areas of the world, specifically:
a. Between North and South Korea
b. Between Israel and the Palestinian people
c. Between Israel and the other nations of the Middle East
d. Between China and Taiwan and the people of Tibet
e. Between Indian and Pakistan

5. Any country attempting to explore, drill and pump oil within 250 miles of our coast line needs to seek permission to do so. The building such infrastructure inside out coastal territory will be seek as a hostile act and will be destroyed.

Government Financing
1. Over haul the U.S. tax code and the IRS to move the U.S. to a flat tax system.

2. Lowering and/or repealing forms of taxes to ensure all citizens are taxed equally and fairly.

3. Cut spending the in federal budget by several methods
a. Limiting ear marked appropriations. Any legislation containing ear marked appropriations that does not fit a national interest will be vetoed.
b. Cutting foreign aid (See foreign aid for more details)
c. Freezing all federal budgets during my term as president.
d. Working with Congress and my Cabinet to cut and reduce spending by taking a hard look at the Federal Budget.
e. Altering and/or reducing parts of the federal bureaucracy to make them more efficient and productive

4. All budget surpluses will be funneled to paying off the any and all national debts.

Homosexual Issues
1. I do not support a marriage amendment to the U.S. Constitution, this is state issue. The issue of same sex marriage lies solely in the hands of the state. While I do not encourage same sex marriage, it is in the hands of the people and legislatures of the state to decide on this issue.

2. Use my power as President to ensure Full faith and credit is given across state lines in issues regarding same-sex marriages. Along with this I will plan to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, as it is blatantly unconstitutional.

3. I support civil unions and other legally binding agreements that give homosexual couples comparable legal binding status and rights as married couples, such as the right of attorney, comparable tax benefits, etc.

4. I have no official position on adoption of children by homosexual couples. I will support the states on how they decide this issue.

5. I will work to repeal the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy of the U.S. military.

1. Enforcing immigration legislation already on the books, before any new legislation is written.

2. Securing our borders with additional boarder patrol agents and a possible border fence

3. Loosening the requirements, quotas, and delays for becoming citizens or getting temporary work visas to enter the country.
4. Open more places along the boarder to allow for the quicker dissemination of immigrants into our country legally, hopefully in the larger borders towns and spreading to more if needed.

5. Supporting states that refuse public services to any and all immigrants who cannot prove their legal status here in the U.S.

6. Refusing to give ANY federal aid to any person who cannot prove that they are hear legally.

7. Granting more powers to local law and federal enforcement officers to penalize business and individual who willingly and/or knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

8. Any illegal immigrants within the federal prison system will be held for a set period of time before being released back to the their country of origin for continued incarceration and/or rehabilitation.
a. Those accused of misdemeanors will be automatically deported.
b. Those accused of felonies will be tried, if convicted they will serve jail time here and then be deported. Those not convicted will automatically be deported.

9. The National Guard will be used to supplement border patrol agents in critical areas of our nations border, if needed.

10. Prosecuting local majors, police and other officials who decide to ignore and make their cities, sanctuary cities.

Individual Rights
1. I support the right of citizens of the U.S. to own and use guns responsibly. I object to any extremely restrictive gun control laws that prevent law abiding responsible citizens from owning a gun for their own enjoyment and/or protection. I support harsher punishments for gun crimes, especially when guns are obtained by illegal means.

2. I will support an increased stipend used to provide well qualified lawyers to criminal defendants who cannot afford one in both federal and state courts in an attempt to counteract possible discrimination in all U.S. courts.

3. I support a constitutional amendment reforming the electoral college to the district plan.

4. I support the death penalty but only in cases where the defendant has shown no remorse for his crime. I support limiting the appeals of a defendant on death row. I support the enforcing of the death penalty upon the last unsuccessful appeal of the jailed defendant.

5. I do not support the right to abortion on demand. I will support restricting abortions only in cases of rape, incest, and where the mother’s life is in danger. I will support programs that assist teenage mothers to care a baby to term, if they give it up for adoption, since they are not prepared to care for that child.

6. I do not support the right of a person to commit euthanasia and/or physician assisted suicide.

7. I support a constitutional amendment banning the burning of the U.S. flags.

1. I do not intend to create a Universal and/or Socialized Insurance system in the U.S.

2. Congress should pass legislation deal with the following issues regarding the Insurance system in the U.S.
a. Give control to the patient and the doctor make all decisions regard treatment in health care, not a board at the HMO.

b. Allow for the free market system of the U.S. to work to citizens advantage when finding health care, by allowing people to purchase policies across state lines in all forms of insurance.

c. Provide the option of a government run insurance system, where costs will be deducted from a citizen’s pay, but not tax those citizens not drawing on system.

1. Ask for Congress to create a Select committee to review the U.S. Code of Law. The goal would be to repeal and remove any legislation that is not longer practical and/or necessary for the running of this country and/or that goes beyond the power granted to the government as found in the U.S. Constitution. Also to simplify the language of the U.S. Code of Law.

2. I will sequester Congress in the capital until such time as they complete the work required of them by the citizens. I will use the force of the National Guard if necessary.

3. The Vice-President will act as my liaison to the U.S. Congress informing me of the day to day actions of the Congress. Any silly delays by the Congress in doing their necessary business will lead to their sequestering until such time as they pass legislation “necessary and proper” for the running of this country.

4. Veto Power
a. I will veto any legislation that is not necessary or proper to the country as a whole, not just to an individual person and/or group of people.
b. I will veto any legislation that broadens and/or goes beyond the powers given to the U.S. government as is found in the U.S. Constitution.
c. I will veto any legislation that does not have a plan provided for how they will fund and enforce this new law.
d. I will veto any federal budget that is not balanced.
e. I will veto any bill with ear marked appropriations that are not for the good of the nation as a whole.
f. I will veto any bill that has not been read by Congress or is overly long and complex in its language or enforcement.

1. It is my goal during my term to withdraw all U.S. military troops from nonessential bases and locations around the world.
a. As bases close around the world, troops will be stationed to critical areas where they are needed as describe below and/or they will return to the U.S. and act as the first line of defense for this country from within our own borders.
b. Any bases created with the intent to protect Western Europe from the threat of the former USSR will be the first to go. Our intent there was to deter the spread of communism, that goal has been attained. Our soldier need to come home and the land returned to their native countries.
c. Soldiers and bases in the Eastern Asia will also be closed, barring one exception, South Korea. Japan has a strong enough defense force to stop invaders and can call upon the U.S. if so requested.
d. Soldiers will remain stationed in South Korea while I work diplomatically with those two countries to cement a permanent peace agreement or a plan for the reunification of their people.
e. Bases will continue to operate in both Iraq and Afghanistan to stabilize the region with the wars we have fought in their countries until their own military forces can handle the load by themselves. As each country experiences success and additional responsibilities, more troops will come home permanently and the bases will be given to those people.

2. It is my goal to seek the highest number of benefits for both currently serving and former soldiers of this nation in any way possible. I will not cut ANY benefits to the defenders of our nation; instead I will seek to expand funding to the military benefits, in the areas of medical coverage, education and pay.

3. I will continue to fund weapons research but will only give money to U.S. based weapon companies and will secure in their contracts with the U.S. military branches the sole ownership of all technologies produced from such research. It is my goal that the U.S. be able to build all its military hardware within our own borders, that we should never have to use this technology and that no other nation have access to this technology.

Social Security
1. I intend to cut off social security, upon consultation with the Congress and my Cabinet, to a specific birth year. All those born after that will need to seek other methods of providing for themselves when they decide to retire. There will be no more retirement benefits to people after that.

2. I will provide educational resources for those people not covered by social security to prepare them adequately for their retirement.

3. I will give up to the states the power to create their own social security systems to protect their citizens as they see fit.

1. The U.S. Military in conjunction with the CIA, NSA, and other intelligence gathering department and with the Justice Department will conduct a intensive search for any and all terrorist organization that threaten the U.S. Their first target is Osama bin Laden and other high ranking members of Al Quade to be charged, convicted and punished for their involvement in terrorist attacks on U.S. citizens

2. Any countries willingly and knowingly harboring terrorists, will be considered enemies of the U.S. All diplomatic, economic and governmental ties with those countries will be cut out. All attacks on the U.S. shown to have originating from those countries will be dealt with on the harshest and swiftest means available.

3. Any countries combating terrorism may call on the U.S. for assistance in capturing these terrorists to be prosecuted in their countries of origin. Any assistance must be funded by the countries seeking assistance.

1. I support the right of private and public of workers to unionize or to negotiate individually with their employers for better pay and/or benefits.

2. Public employees do not have the right to strike unless there is an immediate threat to their safety or continued economic well being by remaining on the job. I do not support any public employees striking just to get an increased salary.

3. I will work with the leaders of large national unions in an effort to help adapt unions to the needs of the 21ST century without harming former and current union members or the businesses they work that employ them.

1. I intend to review current welfare policy in the U.S. to see what changes need to be made in legislation and enforcement of this policy.

2. I support limited federal welfare, which has a limited time frame of use, until a person has found employment.