Not a long post today. Many people who study the last book of the Bible, Revalation, and try to predict and interpret the signs and passages of that book must be having a field day right now. I know most of what is in that book was written to address the people living in the Roman Empire during parts of its persecution of Christians. I also know though that the prophecies of Jeremiah, Isisah, Ezekiel and others were interpreted first for the current day and then reflected on the future. The same could be said for the book of Revelation. With that being said, it is scary to see the interpreted signs from Revalation coming about in the modern era.

If anyone has read the “Left Behind” series or any interpretations of Revelation they know it will start with an attack on Israel. This is becoming a larger and larger threat. There was a lot of unrest in the Arab with their invasion of Gaza. Russia has moved war ships to Syria. Iran has enough nuclear material to make a nuclear bomb and has said it wants to wipe Israel off the map. I can literally see in my life time a situation where Gog and Magog (Biblical names of Russia and Persia; i.e. Iran) attacking Israel. This is not speculation but seeing the signs of the times.

There are some many signs that seem to be showing the end of the world, at least in Biblical interpretation is coming. Everyone should remember though, that God is in control. He will watch over His people. Even if we are persecuted and we have a crown of glory awaiting us in heaven. But in this time Christians need to work all the harder to proclaim their faith and not hide in the basement.

God bless.