I am angry, very angry! Why is it that our politicians, specifically very liberal Democrats and some moderate Republicans think that we spend our way out of this recession/depression? Why? Does that work for anyone else? If I am in debt, like the U.S. is, should I just keep spending until I am out of debt or until I find a job? I don’t think that works, it only makes my situation worse. That is what the United States is doing right now. We are trying to spend our way out of this recession. What does work to get out of a depression? Well what works on Main Street should work on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Here is what reasonable people do when they are in financial trouble.

They cut back on their expenses and unnecessary costs. They get rid of their cable TV and or Internet. They don’t go out to dinner as much. They turn off their heat and AC. Reasonable people do not SPEND MORE!!!

Makes no sense to me. God help the United States. I have only just begun to love her and I am seeing her being sold away from me due to the ignorance and stupidity of our elected leaders. I wish I could say more but I cannot put it into words.