Occasionally I go to a website known as 411mania.com. They used to be all wrestling and then transferred over to all parts of pop culture and then finally added politics in the last two years or so. Unfortunately they are extremely biased to the left. I used to like to post comments on their boards but I don’t think any of mine made it because its clear I am a independent conservative christian. But a few things got to me today that I saw on their site and I feel the need to respond.

1. The Gay Community Needs More Milk Posted by Jeff Clarke on 12.18.2008
The opening paragraph of this whole diatribe against people for Prop. 8 just as hate filled and bigoted as he claims I am since I do not support homosexual marriage. Here it is:

“Now, let’s get something, pardon the pun, straight: If you voted for Prop 8, or supported it in any way, you are a bigoted homophobe, next case please. You can spout non-truths about protecting the children or defending church beliefs, but all your doing is dusting off the same tired arguments that opponents of interracial marriage and civil rights used before you, and you’re the same class of small-minded racist that those people were. I’m sorry you have so little confidence in your heterosexual relationships that just seeing two married dudes will immediately make you join the pink mafia, but keep your personal failings out of my State Constitution, okay?

I take extreme offense to the comments because it puts me in a class of people that I do not belong. Yes I don’t think homosexuals have the right to marry but I am not a bigot or a homophobic. I think it would be really clear. I have lived in the same dorm room with a gay man. I have plenty of friends and colleagues who are gay and I am just fine with them.

Here is the bone of contention with on homosexual marriage. Marriage never has been in the scope of human history a right. It has always been controlled the state and the people. The state determines who is allowed to marry and who is not. They set requirements for what it means to be married in the marriage license. A right is something the government cannot take away but the state can take away the marriage relationship. They do it all the time; its called divorce.

Also the idea of our democracy is the rule of the majority through the philosophy of popular sovereignty. Homosexual marriage was voted down TWICE in California. If we allow a 2% minority to make the laws that affect the majority then we might as well be ruled by a fascist dictator that can kill us for thinking contrary to him. That is what it is that a lot of these extreme homosexual sound like: “If you don’t believe we are right then you are a homophone and deserved to die.” I support your right to protest and convince people to your side, but be a good winner and loser. You lost the election. It should be over and done. People with these extreme views try and say their side is right and when they lose through legal and proper elections they bitch and moan until they get it their way instead of bowing to the will of the majority.

Homosexuals have the same rights as the rest of the people in the U.S., if they didn’t they would have been arrested for protesting or presenting petitions for the furthering of their privileges in our society. Please don’t compare yourselves to the civil rights movement of the 1960’s. Blacks did not have the right to vote, speak out, public or protest without being beat in the street or dogs attack them or hoses turned on them. It’s not the same. Don’t begrudge that they didn’t support you in the your vote against Prop. 8. Blacks are very conservative when it comes to these things. That is their right to believe so.

I am sure I will speak on this again but issue #2.

2. The 10 Dumbest Political Moves of the Year Posted by Joe Rivett on 12.18.2008

This list is so biased its not even funny. Nothing about Democratic governor Rod Blagoiavich, nothing about Obama or Biden’s gaffe’s during the election. Eight of the ten on the list are Republicans. Some of them I would agree with others I wouldn’t. I guess that is the point of Top Ten Lists. What gets me is how the liberals seem to think Palin was one the worst mistake of the campaign. They fail to see how she energized a political party not excited about its moderate centrist candidate. She is a true republican in all sense of the word and the only reason I voted for McCain. I thought she was and is the future of the Republican Party. She is able to excite the young and bring together the social, fiscal and religious conservatives. It was because of her that McCain won 48% of the vote. If he hadn‘t picked her I believe it would have been close to an electoral sweep.

But my real belief of the biggest political mistake in the campaign was Barak Obama not choosing Hilary Clinton as his running mate. Let’s be honest that decision almost cost him the election. The media doesn‘t like to admit it but the election was closer than it should have been with Obama, but if he had picked Clinton he would have won in a landslide. His own pride and his wife seemed to be the big reasons why he did not pick her. Just plain dumb to not pick the person just as popular than you in the primaries. Just dumb.

One more point before I go: Obama’s cabinet. People have been calling it a team of rivals. That’s exactly what it is. That is his plan. He wants his rivals in the Cabinet and them to have ownership of his Presidency so they cannot challenge him in four years. Most of his major picks (Clinton, Richards, etc) would have a decent shot of challenging him in 2012 if his Presidency goes down the shitter. But he picked them so that they could not challenge him. Plus he talked about “Change” in his campaign but this cabinet shows more of the same than change. He has recycled most of Clinton’s Cabinet.

Anyway, that’s it for me. I think this is where I will do my political bitching from now it. It feels good.