For everyone who is curious here is my stance so far on the election. Although I did caucus for Barak Obama in January, but after further review I found that he is not the candidate that I would vote for. I am proudly voting for the electors of John McCain and Sarah Palin. Here are the reasons why I am voting for McCain/Palin:

  1. John McCain is the best choice for commander-in-chief of our country. He served years in the military during one of the most controversial military actions of this century. He was a POW and knows the true horrors of war. Because he knows those horrors he is the best man to know if and when to send our boys and girls into combat. While he was a POW he put other people and his nation first. He willing allowed the lower ranked soldiers to leave the POW camp before he would.
  2. As much as people want to call him more of the same or Bush’s third term, they don’t know McCain. Yes he has voted 90% of the time with Bush, but if there was a democrat in the Oval Office would we begrudge a democrat who voted with that president. He is a Maverick of sorts because Bush and traditional has been angered at McCain when he took stances against him.
  3. Sarah Palin is a proven reformer. She took on her own Republican Party in the state of Alaska and cleaned it up. I know she has only has limited executive experience, but she has more executive experience than any other person on the ticket. I also feel that she is the future of the conservative movement that will challenge John McCain if and when he needs to be kicked in the butt.
  4. He understands the true threat of Islamofacism.

I do not think that I should vote to vote against someone, like voting for the lesser of two evils, but here are the reasons I am voting against Barak Obama.

  1. Experience: I agree a person should have some experience before going into the highest office of the country, but if your trying change the nation, why do you want someone with a lot of experience. Beside what experience does Obama have that would help him lead in the roles the president serves under. Commander-in-chief: Never served a day in the military. Chief Diplomat: He would meet with the president of Iran. A man that has said many times “Death to America.” He cannot be negotiated with. Chief of State: He represents us to the world. While he is friends with people who seem to hate America (William Ayers, Rev. Wright). Chief Legislator: How can a man who has not made a solid stance on any legislative issue in the U.S. Senate or the Illinois Senate. He has voted present on almost every single vote. Chief Executive: What executive experience does he have? Community organizer does not mean he knows how to run a company or even the largest economy and powerful nation in the earth. Judicial Roles: This is chiefly for appointing judges. There is not much experience you can show with this, but he has been against Bush’s appointments mostly for political reasons.
  2. Judgement: The experience argument really does not mean much of anything. It is better to judge a candidate based on his/her judgement. Look at Barrak Obama’s. He stayed 20 years in a church with an Anti-American pastor that follows unbiblical theology and preaches anti-Americanism. He is friends with a man who bombed the Pentagon as part of the Weather Underground, a terrorist organization (He only got off on a technicality). He is self-professed friends with blatant Marxist and socialist.
  3. Socialism: He is a socialist and a Marxist. He believes in bigger government and I don’t. With universal health care and other programs he would expand the size of our government.
  4. Taxes: He says he is against taxes but would raise taxes in almost every single area of our country, hurting our all ready ailing economy.
  5. Reaching across the aisle: He claims to be a person who can and will reach across the aisle to come up with common solutions but has no proven record of doing so. In fact he is THE most liberal senator in the U.S. Senate. and he picked the 3rd most liberal senator to be his running mate. He has no intent to reach across the aisle. he can’t agree with the right and no one on the right will agree with him.

And that is my arguments. Take it or leave it, biotches! A few months ago I came up with a political platform that I would run on if I was running for national office. I will post that in a few days. God bless and good luck.