Greetings fellow bloggers and readers,

Ok, this has been going on for a few years now but its starting to get worse. The official Star Wars website ( has been getting to be more and more exclusive material over the last few years. It seems that most things on the website now are only open to “fan club” members. No more reading blogs for free. No more watching cool little clips, articles or other fun stuff. I remember when the website was entirely free.

Maybe I am just being a baby because I don’t want to plop down $30+ to get access to material which in all honesty is not that great. Maybe its because I refuse to additionally fund that money whore George Lucas. I mean the guy releases a new set of DVDs each year to continually rape the wallets of Star Wars fans across the world. First it was the Original Trilogy Box Set that came out a few years ago with the additional raping of our childhood memories by adding additional unnecessary material. Then the next year he releases the original cuts of the Original trilogy. I refused to buy any Star Wars DVDs until he releases his ultimate set and I know he will. I will be all six episodes with tons of extra stuff not on the other DVDs, plus the original and altered versions of the original trilogy. So I am not feeding that whore George Lucas.

Anyway that is my tirade for now. I intended for my post today to be about the title of my blog but I just had to get this off my chest.

Faithful to the Mission of Christ Jesus,

Adam J. Bulava


2 thoughts on “Star

  1. This is George Lucas and I just want to say that 1. I am not a money whore 2. you are a real jerk 3. I’m awesome, you suck 4. it isn’t possible to rape children’s memories, if it was you would be the one doing it 5. and finally, after saying all of that, how can you call yourself a christian?!!!!!P.S. I’ll do whatever the hell I want, so haha!!!!

  2. Really this is George Lucas??? Why do I find that hard to believe. Secondly making the charge that I am a pedophile can lead to legal ramifications if you were to continue along that line of though. I might have to sue you for all the money George for libel and slander of my good name. Later

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