Pounding the Pavement


I just spent the last four hours pounding the pavement in Las Vegas looking for a job. Granted I am not done yet. Most of today was just seeing what places were looking for workers. I went to twenty different places and found out what I was looking for in terms of how and where to apply. Many of the places only do online applications now, which is good, since most of my employment information is digital to begin with.

There were a few places that seemed the most likely for me to accept. Target is looking for storeroom workers on almost all shifts but the late night shift. Office Max manager seemed like he was looking for someone. Lastly Kohls is still looking for people. Those I believe are my best options for full time work. I just hope something comes through with teaching in the next few weeks. Who knows.

Seen a couple of posts in the past few weeks for parts in theatre productions here in Las Vegas, where they did not have people cast for the parts yet. Considered auditioning for some of them but decided against it. I have an audition later this week for Miss Julie at CSN with TJ Larsen as the director (he directed Bent) and Katie (my gf) as Stage Manager. ANyway we will see how that goes.

Faithful to the Mission of Christ Jesus,

Adam J. Bulava


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